Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3

Here I am again, an hour earlier this time. The kids and I had a great day today we made muffins and hung out in pj's this morning. We went to stitch and bitch at my friend em's house with said muffins in tow. We brought Matias to school and then Milli and I came home where she took a nap. I read The End of the Affair for book club and starting a new knitting project. (Our family makes presents so I getting a head start this year.) I am making the psudo gap cowl via Jen Renne on Ravely. I made some chilli in my boyfriend aka the crockpot. Milli and I headed to pick up Matias from school. It was a beatiful day, and we took the stroller, but met Luis on the way and all went together. From there we came home and kids watched tv, while I knitted and Luis took a nap. We went to the library, got Starbucks (yum) :) and then home for dinner, chores and bed for the kids.

Random things:

-How I make chilli in the crockpot is 3 cans beans (one must be chilli beans). One can of tomatoes, some chilli powder and that is it. About a week ago I made chicken breast with salsa and I added those left overs as well. It was yummy!
-I am getting glasses, my eyes are swollen so my contacts are not fitting correctly and it is super annoying can not wait until my glasses come!
-I hate doing adult things, like canceling and getting insurance...setting up joint checking...changing my name.....
-Our new mini van plates are on, we are offical.

Daily thanksgiving:
It is nice to be able to do housework together at night it goes by fast, and keeps me in a good mood. I also felt not 9 months preggers today, I felt amazing!

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