Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What I am proud of....

I need to write creatively today. Not about a social welfare topic because being a MSW student is all about saving the world, today is my day off ;)


Recently a woman by the name of Andrea at Superhero Journal posted on her life and her thoughts about making space.

Then Zoot posted these questions:

What do you think? Do you constantly find yourself amazed by other people online yet can’t see yourself in the same glowing light? Do you allow yourself pride in your work? Pride in yourself? Or do you give that pride to other people who are probably struggling with the same things you are?

I feel like the online community that I read is a group of a bunch of amazing people with their own gifts and talents. I am not sure how I fit into all of that. But I sure hell know that I can't compare myself to anyone with experiences and talents that I do not have. Yet I do, and while I want to be a super crafter with a super etsy shop, all the while being a super social work and a super wife and a super mom....(lol) Just writing it down looks like a crazy person...

The two bloggers mentioned above both have in many ways inspired me. Zoot for example inspired me to read Twilight, which has saved my sanity over the past year. I am not even kidding about that! That series has provided me an emotional space to get away from the heavy people problems that I have been encountering in social work and that is inspiring.

While I struggling with trying to do to much. I am a "yes" lady. I know that I can't do it all. (For example not dropping of SATC to Autumn when I said I would on mon.) But also knowing that I will get their tonight and I bless their family with a meal as well :) In the long run we can only do what we can. For me that means doing something nice for someone everyday and enjoying every minute with my family.


Something that I am proud of is this...I stop pumping in December. But I was able to breastfeed and pump for 9 months while being away from the home for 60+ hours a week. It was a huge accomplishment and I felt really close to Milli and my mechanical baby (my breast pump :)) While I have taken less pictures of her and got to be around her less, I still feel like being in school, working, internship have all made me a stronger and better person. I feel really satisfied with the variety that exist in my life and how I get to transition from worker, to pre-professional, to mom.


In the end it is a beautiful life and that is something to proud of.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Because I am a good for nothing friend

What my children have done to me...well for one saying you will be somewhere and then never showing up. Well, I am sorry that I had to miss my friend's ablum release party this past Sat. But in an attemptto earn their love back, check out the viedo above. (Bridgette is even shaking an egg!!!) Which BTW when do I get to guest star as the egg shaker...Chris you know it is my dream of dreams :)

No really listen and love! and then buy

My mom says....

My mom says that I do not post enough pictures of Milli and honestly I don't. But here is the thing. By the time I find the camera, upload the pictures and then post...well you get the idea...lazy (call is 2nd child syndrome :))
But to appease the grandmother I found some pictures to post of milli...eating noodles yesterday during the vikings game. She was chowing down...and it ended up everywhere on the white floor, but it was to funny to stop the madness...and this is the reason we have the h2o mop....(which you should own if you don't already... because it is awesome!)

now, Where is the cord for the camera.....

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Just a quick update...Autumn is doing well and is out of the ICU.

We are hanging out today watching the Vikes play. Milli is refusing to nap and having some quiet time in her crib*. Matias is napping. My parents are coming down and Luis and I are hoping to get out to both do homework and hang out. Looking forward to that!

the hat in the picture, I bought at an event and Luis washed and dried now Milli has an adorable hat, I just need to add a little heart or something....Well have a great Sunday!

Friday, January 15, 2010


I come to this place today with a heavy heart. I am asking for people to pray for a few favors...if you do pray

1. Please pray for Haiti. Healing and light in incredible darkness.

2. My friend Autumn. She fought aggressive breast cancer with a 6month old and 3 year old. Last Monday she had a seizure just 7 months after finish her chemo treatments. She underwent an surgery to remove a maligent brain tumor and is recovering well.

I am praying for full healing. Her husband said this and it made me cry because it is so beautiful and what love is all about...(the link is to caring bridge)

"This is one amazing woman.  I know I don't have to tell any of you that...but I'm going to anyway.  Autumn is amazing.  And, she manages to look absolutely beautiful through the whole thing...eve
n with the bandage across her head and the knee-high inflation boot things...I'd take a picture but Autumn won't let me"

thanks! peace.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I have news #1 I dyed my hair brown! (See Above)

Now that is out of the way....

Luis and I are starting a blog! In the interest of my sanity I might be letting Mommylog transition to the new blog. We are still in the planning stages because this is going to be a REAL blog. oh yeah baby, we are going to cook, talk about fashion, parenting crafting, house tours...ok maybe not house tours or fashion, but we are going to be writing it in Spanish and English so that will be different.

I will let you know more details as they come about. But I want to hear from you dear readers (all two of you) Should I keep Mommylog or would you just want to hear about our life in one place?

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Laundry-done Dishes-done clean floors-yes! Google Reader yes! Inbox 0 new-Yes! Let it all fill up again...

Tomorrow, starts a few new things.

1. Early wake up and me taking the kids to day care....ugh. My plan is to wake up with Luis and do a work out. Get ready, Get the kids ready and out the door by 7:15am. (Considering that is when I used to wake is a little change) If I do, workout everyday this week, I am going to get myself a little reward.
2. We are starting a marriage course with church so that will be exciting. We even get a romantic meal for two! We have been wanting to take this course for 2 years so it is exciting to be doing it! A friend exclaimed, I am so excited for you two. I think it will be a great start to the new year.
3. New Trimester
4. New Year!

Have a great week everyone.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

Happy 2010, it is a new decade people! How exciting is that. The best thing about having my birthday on New Year's Eve, is I always start the new year with a new age. I like that!

I was looking at my goals from 2009 and I met about 2/5. I did a great job finish craft projects that I started, and I think I let go of a a lot of expectations about letting my "job" define who I am. In 2009 we WELCOMED a new person, Milli. Who has again changed and redefined our lives completely. Matias became a big brother and a big personality. I accomplished a big life goal of being accepted into Master of Social Work program. I think as a mom we let go of some activities that were weighing us down.

2010-I not so much want to define it in specifics but rather words.

Make every moment count- This is our family motto this year. I think that this describes everything I want to accomplish this year. I want to make every minute a worthwhile experience. Even grocery shopping. What we buy and who we buy it from has become increasingly important to me. When we are cooking and playing spending time with my children, with my first trimester (of school) behind me, my time was limited and I missed them a lot. So I want to make the most of each day.

Look Forward-I really want to get some grown up stuff settled this year. Like getting a will and a better life insurance policy. I want to think about my health and how long do I want to be here and how do I want to live it. (Well!!!!) I think the more purposeful we can be in our actions will effect the end result and that is why I want to look forward and dream big.

Restart- Finding a couple of activities that restart me. I love yoga, knitting, reading a good book. I hope to look towards a few things that make me a better nicer person to be around. I want to be able to give to my family the best of me after a long day of work. I feel that with Luis's new work schedule that will be able to happen.