Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 5: Downsizing

From this post
"As we collectively wake up to the fact that our constant need to accrue things – homes, cars, electronics…stuff – has led us to live beyond our means, we may find that we have a thing or two to learn from our kids. Place value on the experience and know when its time to own"

We are always continually downsizing. Maybe because our main living area is 680 sq. feet. Maybe because we are about to have a 3rd child, where i limited my clothing from 4 to 2 drawers in my dresser. Luis and I are always reading about people who have 50 possessions and are inspired. Or about the tiny house movement. I think part of it is about the idea that we can live simply, but the reality is we have way more than 50 things. I struggle to part with clothing and books and craft items...ect. I want to think of my life as fined honed collection  not as my "stuff". It is getting there that is hard. I see all my wasted money on the stuff and think when will my collection start...I am getting there but there is more to be much more.

When I look in the future, I think about the things I will want to have and there are not things. They are the people in my life, my husband and my children. So in order to live a simpler less cluttered life one must focus on the people and not on the stuff.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 4: On us

From Sarah Healy article 
"“You have to believe that the Lord put you together in the first place.” That’s what my father said in his toast. That was his advice to my husband and me, his way of saying that what we had was preordained, that it was divine. And really, it was as good an explanation as any for love."

My husband and I met in a club, salsa dancing. I had just returned from a mission trip to Mexico. i had no intention of meeting my husband that night.  I had just wanted to meet a friend's boyfriend, that was all.  When we were introduced, the world stop. I tried to deny that I like him over the next 3 months. I had wanted to be single forever, but alas God had other plans. God has been with us though out our now almost 7 years together. He put us together, he put Mexico on my heart. He brought us to our church where our marriage feels supported and we feel loved. I have never doubted God's Plan in our relationship. This has sustained me though the not so easy times, the times I wanted to be married to someone who understood "my culture" and for him the same. Though out it all is the love, that God placed in our hearts to move past those worldly things. Everyday I feel lucky to be his wife, to be the mother of his children...because these are the biggest gifts that I have received from God. A partner and children, who have nothing to do with me but the privileged to get be part of their lives.  As we enter again into parenthood, it is amazing how we have grown and how we have changed. What we have witnessed in other. But it is nice to know that we have done those together.

Daily Thankgiving: Basking in the fall sun, while chatting with a friend while our littles play. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3

Here I am again, an hour earlier this time. The kids and I had a great day today we made muffins and hung out in pj's this morning. We went to stitch and bitch at my friend em's house with said muffins in tow. We brought Matias to school and then Milli and I came home where she took a nap. I read The End of the Affair for book club and starting a new knitting project. (Our family makes presents so I getting a head start this year.) I am making the psudo gap cowl via Jen Renne on Ravely. I made some chilli in my boyfriend aka the crockpot. Milli and I headed to pick up Matias from school. It was a beatiful day, and we took the stroller, but met Luis on the way and all went together. From there we came home and kids watched tv, while I knitted and Luis took a nap. We went to the library, got Starbucks (yum) :) and then home for dinner, chores and bed for the kids.

Random things:

-How I make chilli in the crockpot is 3 cans beans (one must be chilli beans). One can of tomatoes, some chilli powder and that is it. About a week ago I made chicken breast with salsa and I added those left overs as well. It was yummy!
-I am getting glasses, my eyes are swollen so my contacts are not fitting correctly and it is super annoying can not wait until my glasses come!
-I hate doing adult things, like canceling and getting insurance...setting up joint checking...changing my name.....
-Our new mini van plates are on, we are offical.

Daily thanksgiving:
It is nice to be able to do housework together at night it goes by fast, and keeps me in a good mood. I also felt not 9 months preggers today, I felt amazing!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 2

I almost failed by not posting today. But alas it is now 10:03 and I remember. So yeah. Today was busy two doc appts and preschool drop off. I was able to get up early and do yoga and make steel cut oats for me and the kids for breakfast they are sloop yummy. I buy the ones at Trader Joe's and follow the recipe on the back then I will add to mine milk and raisins sometimes brown sugar but to me it is not essential. So that was our day, and this mama is tired off to bed for me...

Daily Thanksgiving: Matias waking up and chatting to himself and then singing a little song. I love that kid!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 1

I am working on posting everyday in the month of Nov. I really want to start blogging on a more regular basis and feel like this might get me back into the habit. I think my blog suffered at the end of writing my thesis and general 2nd year grad school craziness. I could not really keep up with everything it was busy last year and so was I!I had to let go of more than just this blog. What is funny is I thought after school I would feel less busy, but that has not happen. So alas the blog still suffers.

What I really want the blog to be is a recording of my life. I kept a journal from 4th grade until 12 grade regualry, now online I can't share what I did then, but it still nice to have a written record of life.  I am brainstroming some post for this month to hopefully help me not get writters block. That is my plan. Plus put a little recap of my day so for one month I can see that I did not get lost, and it year it can reflect back on what exactly happened.

Day recap:
Luis off to work.
Me and kids wake up and watch a show.
Prepare a potroast and poptarts (homemade)
Head to Mom's Group at church.
Bring Matias to school
Come home, let Milli nap-Do insurance stuff.
Luis gets home
Do dishes and clean up.
Pick up Matias
Run errands
Head to Molly's to help install a shelf
Come home (cleaning and time outs ensue)
Bath and bed time.
Household Paper work and blogging

Looking back, we did alot today...and here I thought nothing got done.

Daily thanksgiving
I am thankful for my children loving on my babybelly, giving it kisses and hugs.