Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Milli's Live Long and Prosper toes @ 10 days

I am a nerd! But I make cute babies with my husband. (Would that not be the best bumper sticker evah!)

My field instructor just emailed me and was so excited! I start school in about a month and my insides are about to burst with excitement!!! (there are also bursting from the loans that I just took out as well)

Meanwhile we try to soak in summer just as much and as fast as we can, parties are coming up the next two weekends. Where we will celebrate marriages and babies. Then a little camping is in order and finally just a sit and relax kinda weekend.

Some things I want to do: (If you are on this list watch out for an email coming to your inbox soon)

1. Make some jam
2. Have a dinner party.
3. Camping with the family
4. Christine! I must see you soon!
5. Farmers Market
6. Baby food
7. Laptop (new one)
8. Katy sonterre...
9. Freeze some meals
10. Set up office area!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dear Mils

Don't ever stop sneezing and farting at the same time. It makes me laugh so hard I spit water out.

Please never stop cooing at the baby on the wipe container when I am changing your diaper.


Friday, July 17, 2009

AH Summer?

Summer is MN is one of two things either AWSOME or not. Right now it is not. However here is the thing, when I drove to work this morning the mercury read 57 degrees. The high today a lovely 66 degrees and .............I love it. Now let me say this, I grew up in Duluth where we rarly had a day over 90 and most days we in the lower 70's. This weather is my normal.

Luis on the other hand has had enough. He is curses the weather. He is a hot boy loves it hot, maybe growing up in Mexico will do that to you.

So alas once again we are different, yet the same

This weekend we are staying home and relaxing. We are expaning our side garden and that will occupy most of my time.

Here are some links just for fun:

This post reminds me of when Matias was a baby and we would have to go to the cancer clinic for my hematology appts.

This site is to die for Texts from Last Night.

Did you see Harry Potter? Here are the differences from the book.

Check out Chris's post on the Blogulator about the greatest movie of our generation. I let it slide that he did not inculde free willy in the '93 list. Because serously I can not tell you how many times Jake and I watched that movie! I hate it today, but Luis and I often disscus Free Willy. You know he met him. Keiko (the whale actor that is).

Loving this site

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

With both kiddos napping right now I should be doing my 30 min shred, but alas I am not.
Not too much going on around here. Trying to soak up every last bit of summer before school starts. I am starting to get a little nervous about the work load and internship working and kiddos. I do realize there will be sacrifices in going back to school. This blog might be one of them and google reader another. But in the end it is going to really be worth it!

I am going to be picking up extra hours at Dakota Woodlands on Wed. Eveings, so this will be our last small group with the Benidict's tonight. Which is very bittersweet. Luis will change his schedule so he can be home to put the kids down.

I am thinking about a few things today. How can we squeeze in Harry Potter today/2nite, and tattoos. random random. Our house is turning out really cute. I will have to do a little photo tour when I finally get our craft room set up!