Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Matias received his first official haircut on Sun. He watch Sesame Street and I cut.

The results we not to bad, just really short bangs :)

I have been really busy I started my first week back at Dakota Woodlands, working as the receptionist. So far so good! I am really happy to have something to occupy my time and keep me busy. When the holiday season starts I will be coordinating adopt-a-family and other Holiday time donations. Which was so much fun last year, so I am very happy to be part of that again.

I am working on applying to social work school. I have to track down academic references and write out my statements, It is quite a bit of work! But I am overjoyed at being able to pursue my dreams. I just hope I get in to school!!! Someone will take me. (I hope)

The other thing that I have noticed is that SAD is back (Season affective disorder) So get out and enjoy outside and the sun if it rears its ugly head!!!

What is so interesting about these past 2 weeks is how by losing my job, I have got my butt into gear. I thought after graduation that I should try to do something that was relevant to the "internships" that I had. In reality that path was not really what I wanted to do or really what my gifts are. I don't know why I did not realize that before. Well I guess that is what getting older and wiser is all about. I really wish sometimes I could go back in time and give my self a kick in the ass.....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Get going

Hello Thursday!

This week has drag on and on, I am glad that tomorrow I go to work at Dakota Woodlands for the whole day, I need that balance to be a good parent. Last night we had ECFE and it was great to be back! We met some new parents and some of our old classmates were there. It is such a great place to be yourself and let it all hang out. But the most exciting thing of all is was we were able to annouce that :

Baby Vega 2 will be here in late March or early April, we are super excited to contiune on our journey in parenthood!

Today we will be getting outside to enjoy the day and hopefully wearing this little toodler out, it is hard to wake up at 6 am!!! I also plan to get some sewing done tonight! Here's to a good day!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

only in mn

You would only hear this conversation between two woman in Minnesota.

" I don't care if you have a can of soup or a SPAM sandwhich"

Honestly you can not make this stuff up...

Super Wed!

Good Morning! Having a schedule is a good thing. However hard I might resist it. Just wanted to share one more video from our trip up north. It is one of my favorite moments from the trip. Even though I was trying not to let Matias go in the water at all, until a big wave came and got us both wet! Then it all went to hell and ended up with no pants and wet shoes :)

Today I have alot on my plate I am filling our applications for Social Work school and fiquring out who to use for my 3 very important references. Super exciting!

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Good things

Pictures from out camping trip up the north shore Board walk to park point...we spent 2 hours at Park Point! I was shocked at how fast the time went by. I am also shocked by how old Matias looks in this picture.
Matias loves bugs as much as I do and was in love with all the asian lady bugs, this was before he discovered the water and running in and out.
Little foot prints in the sand...
Matias and Leo hiding in the grass.Notice no more pants....
Our campsite.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day 2 Moving on

Sooooo yesterday sucked!

I did not sleep well so it still kinda feels like the same day.

Here are the good things:

1. I prayed on Monday for god to open my heart to move forward and not feel stuck.
Good job god, you unstuck me. I will give you the glory! I applied for 4 jobs today, and feel good about each and everyone.

2. I realize that I need to be me to be happy. By being me it means, putting my family first. They are the most important things to me in my life!!! I am not a good person to them if I am just putting forth the "effort"

3. We are going to be ok. Things will work out, they always do!

4. I have an amazing support system. I really can not thank my mom and few others out there enough on the support I had to made it though yesterday. I made it and I already don't feel bad about the letting go of my job and what I did or did not do. I have no control over perceptions about me.

Things are looking up. We will be ok. I will be ok.

p.s. I will post pictures from camping weekend soon!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

im a full time mom now

Hey Guys!

I sure you are wondering where I have been, what is going on. Well after a refreshing weekend up north. I was "let go" from my job today about 10am. Effective at 10am. I did not see that one coming. If I write it will become real right. So if you have any tips on how to live like a poor person let me know. Thanks!

I am doing good. The position was not a good fit for me. I gusse I am to much of a hippie to work at a chamber of commerce and really I don't regret that. I will vote for Barrack Obama and Al Frannken and the more I tried to hide it the worse it got. I was let go because my performace was not what was expected of me. That is hard to take, but in truth its ok. Because when you are not invested in what you are doing it shows. I have 2 weeks to figure things out. But until then I will keep my chin up.

So tips on being poor or jobs are well appreciated :) Thanks!