Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sleeping Babies

Have you watched the advertisment about Christmas time, where all the sleeping babies rest peacefully. (It is for pampers I think?) There is nothing like holding a sleeping baby in your arms. At age 17.5 months holding the giant almost toddler sleeping is a rare occurrence. Tonight Matias fell asleep really early and I held him, just like when he was a day old. I was so happy just holding him. I have left alot of a pre-baby Lane behind, and I alot of it to a sleeping baby.

I was always sarcastic during my pregnancy, I made jokes about how I would not change. How my life would be the same. I did that because I was so scared of the significance of my growing belly. But somehow...one day. I found a peace that is unmatched by anything that I have ever felt before.

As I held Matias tonight, less than an arm reach away sat Luis's camera, I thought I should just take a quick picture. So I grab it. Held down the button, and Mr. Sassy Pant shot up his hand and opened his eyes......

See his eye. Closed. Little Stinker.... :) He is a prankster for sure.

*Also Matias said backpack today like 15 times.....odd. But very cool when a real word comes out of the jabber....
Tonight I am organizing our belongings yet to be unpacked.....FUN!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Photo essay

Month in review...a photo essay Future Geek!
Andrea and Roberto....(I love this picture!)
Matias fixes my hair.

Leo and Matias model their skymonkeytiedyed t-shirts. So much for a cute happy pitucute these two were much more content in eating chesse off of the blue plate.

Last year Matias met Al Franken at the cinco de mayo parade. This year he met Sen. Coleman. He is still undecided on his vote. :) ;) (I on the other hand have decided and can not say here)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Why being a mom is great!

Was the title convincing enough. I know I gush about being a mom. I think it really has to do with the fact that I am so taken aback by this little dude living in our house. Matias will be a year and half in a few short weeks. I can't believe it. I thought that he would never be that old. I still take it day by day and that is why it is suporsiing to find Matias at such a cool milestone....
Ok enough.

This weekend was great, we had another wedding to attend , This time our good friends and Luis cousinRoberto and Andrea. Granted I saw almost nothing of the ceremony because Matias is getting a little wild for these events. He was running in the hall in the back of the church and screaming his little heart out. SO we went outside and he could scream all he wanted.

I send my well wishes to them.

Well I have to run, I promise my blog will stop sucking soon...but I have another head cold...here is to one week of health...here here.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy M-day!

hAPPY Mother's Day and Monday!
I have to say what a great day mother's day is, it is like a 2nd birthday. That is what having a Christmas birthday will do that to you :) Luis had a special surprise waiting for me when Matias and I got home yesterday from my parents. Flowers and tennis racket! Sweet! I was not expecting anything at all so I was blow away by his thoughtfulness. He also got me a great card.
(Side Story)
Slang in MN is real sweet, we say WOW. Have you noticed? People from MN of course have no idea they are saying wow, but they do. My college dorm mates who were mostly from WI pick up on that fact and our floor name became House OH WOW. Luis has now pick up on that fact and says wow as often as he can. He has also taught Matias to say it. Very cute.
So the card features the little dudes from Hallmark, and you open it and it says " M-O-M! Forward Mom, Backwards Mom...Upside down WOW!"
I was still opening it and laughing this morning at it. That makes for a good Monday!

Friday, May 9, 2008

more..lifestyle choices

Do you remember back in February when I wrote that I was going vegan. Well if you don't it is not a big deal, but really the main point of the post was I needed to change some of the habits in my life. Because the idea of going down the path to obesity seemed to becoming more and more eminent. Well I only lasted two weeks as a "vegan" but I have been making some other "life style choices" (barf). Recently I picked up a workout tape, called turbojam. (Yes, I bought it from an informerical). Here is the thing...I really like it.

It is high energy and fun and it has a little timer on the bottom of the screen so I can make bets with myself. I can do it at home after Matias is in bed and that is two great for words! So here is to baby steps on a road to a healthy life :)

P.S. How can you not want to work out at a person who looks like this? (and calls herself a getto soccer mom)

(Images via beachbody.com)