Tuesday, August 24, 2010


This past week has been madness.

1. My internship changed.... which ended up with less flexibility and much juggling of schedules and childcare. It almost all sorted out and ready for school to begin in a week....

2. I have not had a good work out. This is entirely my own fault and I am having some mental blockage getting though my work outs. So here is to a better week. I did get in some yoga this morning, but I hardly consider that something that gets my blood pumping.

3.Details. I hate details....that is what I am swimming in right now.

4. Purging... I have got ridden of 4 clothing articles of my own and 4 of Matias's so 8 items total! I am celebrating that, because it is all I have. :)

5. We are going to a wedding this weekend and that should be great! We mailed off a package to a sweet friend who is having a baby girl. Dropped off a meal to a family that just had a sweet baby boy #4 and are ready for a different friend to welcome a baby by labor day#3. There are babies EVERYWHERE....(which oddly makes me not want to have more, must be the constant reminders of labor and pregnancy)

That is all I have right now....I hope to get some more thoughts down soon.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

4 simple goals

Elsie via a Beautiful Mess who's blog is amazing btw. Put up a little inspiration for us who were interested and I responded to the simple idea of 4 goals before 2011...awk. Can you believe it will be 2011? (My ten year high school reunion is next year).

I need some motivation at the moment I feel a little burned out. Which is strange because I have been up to nothing as of late beside being a mom and working. I like to be busy so when that internship, job, and school start up again after labor day I tend to do better when that level of activity is going on....

Here we go:

1. Make time for myself to take care of my needs. -Schedule in times to workout 3 times a week and time to concentrate on "adult things" versus making due during mom time.- Done! I joined a gym and have been seeing friends going to church regualry!

2. Be a better parent -Number one should help significantly with this. I need to be calmer, more organized and sensitive to what the kids need and be there 100% for them-

3. Finish the knitting the cardigan for Milli.

4. Get ride of some things....-long board that never gets rode, books that are ripped, books never read, clothing to small, stained, or not worn-Doing better than not on this! 11/8/2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vacation Part 1-Duluth

We just a entire week away from our house. By golly it was amazing!!!  In truth camping with a preschooler and a toddler was hard. I think the kids had a great time. They were troopers and made me laugh alot.
So here is our vacation part one

Luis views the tall ships.
We watched these cool people exchange vows.
First we headed up to Duluth for some aquarium and tall ship viewing. Here are the row of tall ships in the Duluth Harbor. They were tall and impressive.
Matias and Milli playing at the aquarium.                                 

Don't put the TV in the closet....

I think the heat has gotten to me. I followed through on a threat. Which end's in the phase " Mom, don't put the TV in the closet." Matias has been asserting his independence in a variety of ways this summer. Most are positive and make me really proud as a mom.

However the refusal to go into the woman's bathroom and screaming in parking lots  that " your breaking me" (as I gently hold his hand) has taken over all of time out in public.

So let's keep this short and say the tv is in the closet....and it might never come out.

I sent Luis this article and it makes sense. Our home right now feels crowed and full. I feel like there are things that I don't need around every corner and the amount of things we have leads to disarray. Now I do admit to not being the cleanest person around but how would eliminating things feel and contribute to our happiness. And why not try it and see how it feels? As I read that article I thought....what happens if she has company over, where would she get plates from? Then I realized that we have only once in the 2.5 years that we have lived here had a "dinner party". So really do I have a need for extra plates?

I also have given some thought to things that are important and I want to be a part of lives and how ridding out life of things could make and impact on us. So therefor the next month is clear out 2010.