Saturday, May 31, 2014


This winter was so long!!! SUMMER is here and I want to lay and bask in its glory. As do the kiddos. Bare foot and playing in the dirt.

Luis took the oldest too to the comic book con locally, they wore their star trek uniforms and had a blast. By the time I got to them they were totally wiped out and not in the picture taking mood. Oh well- the weirdo mama in me loves crabby pictures of my kids.

I have a knitting retreat coming in June and I am beyond excited. I have been busy knitting some wonderful things for my friends. I had big plans to finish a summer top for my self however, I twisted the cast on and was not feeling too excited about the knit after that. I have a hat to finish and then we will see if I am feeling up to the task of finishing a garment.

That is all for now :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


:Eating: Whole30 Foods
:Playing: With yarn and kiddos
:Listening to: Staves
:Sweat: Climbing and lifting (with some zumba)
:Excited for: Garden and knitting retreats! fiber fun

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