Sunday, December 30, 2007


Well not really the plauge persay but now I am sick with the virus that stole Christmas. My parents took Matias yesterday for the weekend. We were so excited to celebrate my birthday, hot date! Well Friday I had aches and a fever. Last night I had a fever and watch Stardust on DVD (such a good movie btw) got up this morning went to urgent care. Dr. says looks like your son did have herpes after all, just some virus and now you got it. Drink lots of fluilds and good will pass.

So now I am thinking to skip my birthday all together why bother. I am only 25 I have lots of birthdays left. Why suffer the dissapointment in being sick. So I am skipping my birthday. The virus can take my will to be healthly ever again, but not my free will to make decsions. Now I just pray that Luis stays healthy because this thing is a bugger! I have to skip my birthday because it will not be it without a birthday kiss from my husband. Who has offically quartined me and matias.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have great plans for the new year! We thought we would honor baby Jesus by making a trip to Urgent Care with our baby Christmas morning...
Now as fun as it sounds, we made the best of it and were back at the house about 2 hours later. Matias had been suffering with a low grade fever, drooling and some discomfort. I thought teething of course. Well that morning I was trying to give him some banana, normally he inhales it. However he kept dropping it and screaming. I looked inside his mouth and saw two blister like things on the tip of his tounge. So I called the nurse line, we took him and and turns out he had a mouth full!!! of really bad cold sores. (Don't worry I won't put up any pictures) Herpes...ewwww....aparently it is a common thing that happens to toddlers and it really painful. Poor bubs!!!

So we took it easy had some burritos and opened gifts. My parents got us ballroom dance lessons!!! I am so excited I have visions of dancing with the stars in my head! But alas I will more than likely trip on Luis foot and break my leg...
Matias got a sled and some wonderful wooden toys. As well as lots of outfits. He will be stylin' in 2008.

Well unpacking our things is calling my name.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Cards

Yesterday, my co-worker and I were discussing about Christmas Cards. I said usually we have more this time of year. I had to put up my program from the Macy's display because we only had one lonely Christmas card on our string. Image my surprise when I arrived home and found not one but 5 new Christmas cards.

We have yet to take our picture, I wanted to do something creative. I tried last night and nothing was working. So we will try again tonight. I think that we will do a New's Year card... sadly.

I have been so burned out from Christmas because of work. Literally I should be overwhelmed by the generosity of it all and I am. But the fact I have to sort, sleph and lift after a weekend of moving... makes me a little Scroogeish.

I did bake some fake "turtles" last night to give out to co-workers tomorrow with cards. They turned out really well. Matias even help peel some of the rolos. (Ok he did not really peal them, but he did hold one in his hand).

I have to remember to ask my mom to bring down the Muppet's Christmas Carol and my brother and I can watch it on Christmas together. Sadly watching Gonzo play Charles Dickens is my favorite Christmas movie. I think that Luis has not watched to many Christmas movies so maybe we can rent some different ones and watch them Christmas eve. (In Luis family we stay up until midnight and celebrate until 4 in the morning). Thankfully this has been the best thing about having a baby, because I get to go home and sleep :)

Well this is not really about Christmas cards...but more just a venting session :)

***Look forward to my post about my family's homemade Christmas challange....and our New Year's Eve Card ;)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What you should buy babies for Christmas.

I do not have strong opinions when it comes to most topics. But before I had my baby, I vowed that I would not let me housed be filled with baby crap…While it is inevitably filled with baby crap, there are some preventive steps parents can take to make the most for their child. Children need to explore at this age. That is the “job” of a 6mo.- 18mo. old.

For those of you non-parents out there. This should be your guide to buying Christmas and birthday presents for the children under the age of two in your life.

So you might be in the store and see this AWESOME baby laptop computer. It retails for about 30.00 dollars….

TRUTH: This laptop for a baby is not AWESOME, it is annoying with its lights and sounds…

So take your 25.00 dollars buy the kid a savings bond. Take the extra five dollars and buy a big box with lots of tissue paper for the child to throw everywhere…

We have all seen dolls, toy trucks, cars, sport equipment…that we think would be GREAT for kids.

Do not buy any of these 20 dollar toy….

TRUTH: go to Goodwill, Unique or some other thrift store and buy some clothing for that wonderful baby in your life. OR better yet buy that family some diapers and wipes! THEY will love you! At least I would.

What I care about is that you have thought about my child’s basic needs. Our family’s bottom line. Kids are money pits and it is wonderful to celebrate milestones, but lets be practical and economical with our purchases. Think about the child’s future as well as their parents. Thanks.

If you feel the overwhelming urge to buy a toys for the kids in your life. Blocks, Lego's, fake food, anything to inspire creativity. (Ask their parents they usually have good ideas :) )

P.S. This post was inspired by all the donations coming to my employment at this point in the year.

Monday, December 10, 2007


Matias eating cake like a PRO! Over the past year I have witnessed a few first birthday parties. Most kids just seem to poke at the cake for a few minutes before they understand the idea of what it is... Well it was Matias's turn was yesterday. I put his slice of cake down in front of him and in perfect form he pick the ENTIRE piece and shoved it in his face!!! It was like a professional eating contest for one in that high chair...
We also had a wonderful party with toys and clothing! Thanks to everyone who came. Maitas and I left the party before the end. The whole idea of owning a house but then not living there made for no naps and a very crabby baby! Luis's family stayed and from what I heard had a merry time.
Luis and my Dad made great progress on our bed room and should start sheet rocking this coming weekend. (For those of who are not aware we have an unfinshed basement that will be our bedroom in a few weeks.) Thanks to both of them who put in a long Sat. to make the progress needed for our home.I did my first load of laundry in my OWN washer and dryer! WOW! We have garbage can. Our neighbor brought us milk and cookies! We are so grateful for the chance to own our home! We feel truly blessed! I am sure there will be many more posts on this topic! :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Matias we love you and you make our lives beautiful! Thank you for being such a great kid and forgiving our mistakes. Keep growing and never forget who you are!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Fall Fun

Last weekend on the beatiful Sun that we had Matias and I took to the leaves!!! We jumped, threw and crawled in the yellow goodness. What a gift to have this tree take its time to turn colors!!!! I can say these are my favorite pictures of Matias.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Food Smood...

Christine always gets me to think...corn syrup she is officially giving it up you can read about it here . But this made me think about Matias. He is gradually eating more and more everyday. In fact he went literally nuts for his Dad's lentil soup the other day. But beside that he eats goldfish, organic everything and organic other stuff. Which leads me to my point....I think I am a bad cook and provider for my son. Yesterday for dinner I served him Cheerios carrots and soy milk...A dinner this does not make. During upcoming season...aka the Holiday season I do not want to eat out at all. So I started a spreadsheet where I will plan to the snack and count all veggies consumed during the this I want to be better than feeding my child Cheerios and carrots for dinner YES!!!! Thankfully we have been covering this topic in ECFE so I have some great ideas! Well that is all for now..look forward to our pics from the past weekend. It just so hard to go home and stare at the computer for more time...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Vega Family Halloween

We had an exciting Halloween here at the Vega's we carve pumpkins went rick or treating and brought home some loot. Matias was a cute teddy bear! We had fun and Luis thought trick or treating was fun too...(It was his first Halloween as well) Tonight the candy that they brought home has proved especially helpful. Unexpectedly when a baby drops a piece of candy in a paper bag it is the most hilarious thing to them. Matias and I have spent a good half and hour laughing...
I hope you all had as much fun as we did. Now we prepare for the Mexican holiday Dias de los muertos. We plan to create a an offerenda. An alter to remember the people who have passed that are close to us in our lives. I will make sure to post pictures and talk more about it. Combining cultures means a lot to our family I hope that we can honor American Traditions and Mexican equally for Matias. Enjoy the pictures!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Buy Handmade!

Take the pledge I did :P

Update: Sewing Machine 75 dollars....sadness....

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sick and broken

Yesterday I stayed home sick...and my sewing machine is broken. It did get a work out this weekend...but I am still sad because I have a Halloween costume to make!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Sams Forward

keep it going baby!
So Lame but i am boerd at home :) Enjoy

Now, here's what you're supposed to do... Andplease do not spoil the fun.Hit forward, delete my answers and type in youranswers.Then send this to a whole bunch of people youknow INCLUDING the person who sent it to you. Thetheory is that you will learn little known facts about those you know.
Two names you go by
:1. Lane
2.Mrs. Cavanaugh
Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1. Black Sweats
2. A blue shirt that reads Colorado is for Hustlers (Seriously)
Two Ways You like to spend your time:
1. Hanging with Matias and Luis
2. Sewing
Two Things You Want Very Badly At The Moment:
1. World Peace
2. Uggs
Two pets you had/have:
1. Rosie
2. Sally Dog
Two things you did last night:
1.Made and ate Dinner with Andrea and Roberto
2. Watched Knocked Up
Two things I ate yesterday:
1. Steak
2. Blueberry Pancakes
Two people you last talked to:
1. Mom
2. Matias
Two Things You're Doing Tomorrow:
1. Working
2. Going for a walk at Lunch
Two longest car rides:
1. Cloquet to ? (Boston)
2. Cloquet to Montana
Two Favorite Holidays:
1. Thanksgiving
2. Cinco de Mayo ( I kid, I kid) actully Birthdays
Two favorite beverages:
1.Coffee (DUH! I had 20 cups today alone)
2. Vodka Tonic

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Weekend Agenda!

I think can now announce this officially, we are looking for a house! Yeah! We will be out hunting over the weekend and I will keep the details under wraps until the end!

This weekend starts in about 3 hours for me. I am dropping some folks off at the airport. Picking up Moo and we are ready to take on the weekend!

I am looking forward to it. It will be the last weekend before the craziest Oct sets in and then the holidays...yes folks sadly at the holidays in my planner...:( Did I mention it is only Sept?

Anyways back to the plans. We will get our shoping and errends done tonight and plan to meet Andrea tomorrow at the mall for some shopping.

Sat. we are going to get some cutie pie pictures with pumpkins at Gertens! Sun will be relaxing and hanging out at home. Have a great weekend

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Weddings, Weather, and Wobbles

So much to report, especially after my last post.

Here is the lifestyle update...
I have made all my meals this week at home (dinner). I have been proud of that! Little steps. i have also gone to the gym.

Other Updates:

Matias has successfully pulled himself up into a standing position. Now there is no stopping him. However he does not know how to get down, we have been showing him what to do and he seems to be getting the hang of it. Hopefully he will learn how to go down soon. I feel bad just leaving him crying, but he has to learn.

We had our first ECFE and I think I am really really enjoy it. I look forward to spending time as a family and with other families as well.

This past week it rained a lot. I was thinking a year Matias and I will be able to go float boats down the sewer rivers. My brother and I would entertain ourselves endlessly with this game.

Last weekend my friend Sara was married to her Jeremy. It was a lovely time. It was a blast to see all of my friends and matias get his dance on with me. :) Congrats I wish you both a beautiful life!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Well I am sure that some mommas do have the problem that they are soooo busy that they lose weight and it is so easy!!

About every two months I complain to Luis about how I am getting so fat..blah blah. If I put it out into cyberland maybe I will actually do something about it. I really want to be healthy for Matias and myself. I want to be able to wear what I want when I want. But that is enough about my fat...

We have alot of changes and stress right now. We are deciding alot about our future about our family. Where should we live, how is our future best secured? Bah...stress sucks..maybe I will go running instead of eating a bagel :)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

The face numero 2.

Recently Q3 blogged about their lovely daughter's "the face". I read that post and thought, how cute! Shortly after that Matias started making his own "the face" It involves smiling really hard with his eyes closed.
It looks like in pictures that he is really upset about something but it is actually quite the opposite.

Do I really need to comment on anything else after that....

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Well it has been close to 20 days and no posting. But I think that I am ready to sit down and write a few things that have been happening in the casa de vega.

First off, I have been working like a mad woman only to come home take care of Matias and collapse in to fitful nights of sleeping. (OK it is not the dramatic) But I did do a week out at the base and guards is so emotionally tiring!

Matias is officially crawling!!!!

It is strange to go from him staying in one place playing with toys to...following him around so he does not get stuck pull down cords ect. So far he has managed to get stuck under the kitchen chairs, under his crib, under our bed. In the corner with all the stuff that he is not supposed to get....AS soon as you set him down he immediately goes to the first object that can kill him. I think that babies have radars like this:

Baby radar....what can kill me in the room, oh I will crawl over there and get it.

Luis has also been working a lot, we have seen other in passing so we are hoping to get some much deserved mommy and daddy time this week and go out dancing! I am looking forward to it.

Last night I went out with Sara and the wedding party to celebrate her last nights of freedom. Little did I know we would be riding in style in a limo :) It was a lot of fun to see everyone and hang out go to Duluth and feel young and free :) But we did go to a very chic martini bar "red star" very not Duluth and very fun! Stacey told me that we would be venturing to Chino Latino very soon for a blackberry mojito! Exciting!

Well this post is too long! But I feel like I have to put so much out into cyber world ttfn

Sunday, August 5, 2007


My friend Ellen says when you have a baby it is the fast forward button on your life. I could not agree more. Matias is now officially 8mo old. From the time that I had him until this moment right now is literally a blink of the eye. I think about when I first had him, how I was nervous and let others take the lead in his care taking, now I have confidence and take charge!

I never thought my life would end up here. Many people who know me know that I never wanted to have kids. Suddenly though that seems like the dumbest thought that I could have ever had. Until you are a parent you will never quite understand the love you have for a child and or one other person. So cliche

My second date with Luis we were talking about love, and he said to me. I think love is the same emotion just expressed in different ways. Parenting in my mind is the most outward expression of love that a person can show. As we move closer to the stages of walking, talking, playing, discipline, it is scary .....but exiting.

Then (1 hour old)

Now (Fake Camera Smile and all :))

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

To Swim that is the question!

I think Matias won the gene pool when it comes to swiming. I never realzed how much Luis and I enjoy swimming. But now that I see Matias face in the water, I know that he is a water bug. Last night was the 2nd to last swimming class and Luis and Abula Vega came to watch. It was very exciting for everyone!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

End of an Era

I finished it....

Harry Potter is done after almost 7 nights of up til 2am! I won't give any details away however, I will say. Goodbye Harry!

I have been thinking about Matias when he gets older what will he like what won't he? So strange....I know him but I don' zen of me.

If anything I hope he loves to read!

I order some fabric for him for a bigger blanket so his feet our no longer are covered by his old one. i will have to work fast, to make it happen so he has a blanket to use if he keeps growing at this rate. He has been sleeping on his knees so much I think he is going to rocket away at any second.

Also a big big congrats to my husband, who pulled off his first catered party! If you need someone call us! He made flan that litteraly looked like a story book...too bad I hate flan :)
Now if only he could cook for his wife like that, life would be perfect. I presented him with his very own chef jacket :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Google Reader a gift from the internet god

Have you checked out google reader....

You should if you read blogs and are a mom...or busy

It shows you when the sites you are subscribe to updates....

What....I can keep track of Paris Hitlon, Christine's, crafters, news and sports from one website....sweet...

I am there...check it out..I swear it is a gift from God to the internet....(Actully not really sure about this claim...)

Ps Harry Potter tomorrow...peeing in my pants with excitement!

Monday, July 16, 2007


If anyone knows me well, they know that I, like the rest of world loves Harry. By Harry I mean Harry Potter. For the last book the media circus that surrounds my beloved friend, is so out of control. I mean we need to have a story in the paper everyday....Do we need to hear about the girl who got a Harry Potter tattoo before she went to see the movie on WCCO....
(By the way Luis said no to me getting a hp tattoo....)

Personally, it is hard for me because I feel like the books are so personal. As you sit and read them JK Rowling's ability to make you feel like one of the gang is unsurpassed. Maybe that is why I am mad about the media attention. I feel like I am fighting for the popularity of Harry. It is really sad when you think about it that i am jealous of the millions of other readers out there.

When Matias is older I sure hope that he will enjoy HP as much as I have. For some of us Harry met us as teenagers and followed us all the way through marriage and a baby! I may not be the ultimate fan but I am looking forward to midnight Fri. When I join a collection of different people from all over the world to find out Harry's fate. I am getting heart hurts thinking about it :)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Vega VCa

Our Vaction, In Pictures because I am too lazy to write anything...peace. I hate the Dr BTW

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

AFi 100

I was reading Christine's blog and a thought came to me...I will watch all movies on the AFI 100 list in order from 100-1...

Speaking a movies being a sucker for romantic comedies. I watch because I Said So. Some of you in blog land will think what a lame movie...but no it makes me happy when the girl get the guy that I like in the end.

Also when I get home I will be giving a full update on our one night camping adventure with pictures and all. Also our visit to the science museum...part way completed we will finish our tour on Sat.

Please stay tuned.

I would like to publicly thank Christine for cooking dinner. I am so tired these days it is nice to have someone to cook a little some some for you...thanks!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007




Hello to all,

So recently I started doing cracking I mean crafting....kinda like crack but oh well. I have added a mini feed to my etsy site. If are in a pinch and need a gift for a friend. Call me I have so much stuff now I need to start getting rid of it.

Hope all is well! and Everyone had a great 4th!

PS Matias is now 7mos. OLD!!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Power Diving

Thanks to Christine I now know how to post from Utubers

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Taco House and Casa Bontia

Once a week other mom friend and I head over to Boca Chica's Taco House with our babies. Last night was especially fun. Leo, Ellen son has started to crawl, not that it is unusual. But in their house they have hardwood so Leo in his baby genius crawls with one leg up. His Dad calls it his gangster crawl. :) So funny!

The second random thought is about Casa Bontia, a South Park Episode that Ellen was telling me about. It is about this restaurant called Casa Bontia and Eric has his birthday party there and does not invite Cartman. Anyways, Ellen told me she listen to the commentary and found out it was a real place! Well as she was describing it to me, a vague memory enter my mind. I had been there!!! New Wine trip, check out the link here I think I even had cheese something or rather and sat in an orange booth. Then I took pictures out side next to the gaudy fountain! Wow…Might have been the best night of my JR year.

Of course their website does not present the Mexican Disney land splendor that is casa bontia...complete with a high dive show....what? (Ps I wish I was smart enough to know how to put you tube on my blog)

Required Baby picture:

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Do you still like a person that wakes you up at 2am and 5am?

As Matias grows so does his need for attention. Now I know I should take it all in, because when he is 13 he will no longer want to give me kisses (licking my face as it stands now). But at 2 o'clock in the morning all I want to do it sleep. But sometimes he is just to dang cute to ignore. this morning was a early one...5 o'clock to be exact, but I woke up and had fun with Matias. We also discovered that he looks a lot like his dad while sleeping (I will spare you the hairy arm pit photos of my husband). I never thought at 24 that I would have any reason to get up at 5 am or 2 am in the same night. But this crazy little person seems to have drawn out the early bird that I am...motherhood is the strangest adventure I have ever been on.

Well I thought I might update about the things that Matias is enjoying lately,

1. Eating toast (check out the toast song on Utube and picture above)
2. Going to swimming class....went underwater with no problem
3. Watching Telanovella's (Mexican soap opera's) with his grandma right now....Luis's name is from a character on a novella...but that is an entirely different story.
4. Sleeping with his butt up in the air (someone is getting ready to crawl...crap)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fast times at Harrison Ave #2

In a strange twist of events, our house has turned into the loony bin. It all began when Matias's sleep patterns have gone haywire...waking every two hours hungry...But that seems to have passed.

Really the loony bin is that Luis and I have been crafting up a storm, me earrings and other things knit goods mostly, Luis has taken too working on a model ship. Kinda scary but that has what we have spent our free time doing this...updates to come on this topic.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Growing up...Vega Style

Just to show how much this baby is growing....this hat was really really big on him when he was born, now it is skin tight!

Some Beach!

Today we had a great day at the beach. I had planned on cleaning taking a trip to Michaels and Ikea...but who could waste a day like today. I called ellen, eric and leo up and we headed out to Fort Snelling National Park. It is perfect there. Matias was scared of the water at first, but the second time in he tried to stick his head under!!! I was impressed.

Apparently he was having so much fun that he tuckered out in no time and started to fall asleep in my arms in the water. Whew the life of being 6months old!

As the adults partook in eating some ritz crackers in dip leo decided to try some for himself! Overall it was a great time..

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


When I first starting working at Dakota Woodlands I was so excited to help the homeless. Little did I know what great people I would meet. When I was looking for a job as many of you know I wanted to do more than just bring home the bacon. I applied to many non profits. I think that I am in the right place. These women here are amazing! They are so strong. Being a good mother is hard, I mean it is not hard because you love your child so much but being a mom with stress and trying to give all the love you can to your baby can be really hard. Everyday I see mom's in stressful situations. Situations that make no sense. THEY ARE AMAZING! A little girl a day older than Matias is a resident here. It makes it so easy to talk to others about our work when I can just think about this little baby and my son and the future I want to make for both of them!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Sitting at work has it advantages. One you can blog. Matias has been battling diaper rash poor guy. So last night Luis and I decided to give him some baby Tylenol to help with his poor butt. After Matias went to bed, we decided that it was pretty funny that our son's butt hurt so bad that he needed pain relief. Then we were worried that we should have not have gave it to him...who knows he seemed to sleep last night which I am thankful for!

Did anyone watch CSI NY last night, I normally am not too big of a fan but we were suckered in. Maybe because we have nooo lives anymore but man it was good! Anyways that is all for now hopefully Matias diaper rash gets better!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Brush with Celebrity!

Sometimes in a baby's life they get lucky. For some babies this might include a kiss from dad or sugar in before the age of one. But for our son it means that you get a kiss from Al Franken.

I once kissed the Blarney Stone in Ireland. It is supposed to give you the gift of gab. Hopefully for Matias, he will get the gift of comedy.

We had a great day at the Cinco de Mayo festival. Where the Vega family took back the day! We watched the parade, where I shamelessly pawned my child off, to take a picture with Mr. Franken. Then we ate some sweet potaoe fries, a tamale and a foot long hot dog.

We stop to nurse in the park and our companions Leo and Ellen goofed off with us. Matias took his first tumble down the hill and all was well. Overall it was a solid day of family tougethter.

On a side note, I kicked Luis's butt in Statego last night as well!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

I am growing up

It struck me this week as I talked to four high school classes. That I am no longer in high school or college or any school for that matter...I am in the school of raising a kid. Scary! I no longer listen to KDWB and think it is cool. I no longer cruise canal park with Sara, Greta and Steph. I pay my own bills. I understand the need to save for retirement. I thought that when I went to college that it was going to be really challenging. In reality it was not that hard. Except Social Theory...anyways, I did learn a lot at school and it is now hitting me. i learn to be concerned about things in the world that do effect me....random thought for the day....

Saturday, April 21, 2007

4 and Half

So I have yet to start this blog to debut what our lives with Matias have been like. I know that it not that hard to type about the bubs....
Matias is now 4 and half months, he weighs 16 lbs.... Is it possible that only in four shorts months something can double its weight. I often daydream that I could do this and there would be no recourse. I can not believe how much he has grown. So for the first post I will put his pictures Birth-present.... Below he new, in the hospital!

It is amazing!

One Month

3 Months I am quite the charmer!!!!!

4Months I am Buddha Baby, Granted this picture is really exaggerated, But it is still cute and Funny!!!