Thursday, February 28, 2008

She's BACK

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Aww Madonna. How I miss thee. Any thought about what postmodern scape is being challenged here....has Madonna done the 50's yet?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

i heart my husband

I heart my husband....

he is funny
nice to look at (:)) and nice to me
wants to spend money to fix his 93 Honda
uses duck tape to fix mufflers
makes hearts with hands while dancing
laughs at me
cooks well
cleans well
likes blue
loves Matias
makes me laugh
likes to TALK about politics
tells really long stories
has best friends from childhood
is a defender of art
is driven to succeed
knows alot about folklore
dances really well
only gets mad sometimes
allows me to make my case
lets me be myself

reminders when you are 10%.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Quick Art

So today I am feeling like drawing at my desk to pass the day away. I have a meeting here at 6pm tonight and that seems far away and my mind never focuses for a long period* of time. So I decided to take some ART breaks! I will only share 2 quick photos but this is what I "wish" I was doing! I really wish there was sun and a tree....
Can you tell what the clouds are in shapes of? Really you can't oh bummer, here I thought I was the next Picasso.
*I spelled the word period wrong and spellcheck kept suggesting pooed as a alternative...haha spell check said poop.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008



It has been awhile. I took and extra extra long weekend and had today off. 5 days no work! Sweet. But I pack alot in, including a trip up north. Saw my parents and that was truly a nice time. Went to my brothers track meet and showed off Matias of course. I also went with my mom to see 27 dresses! I admit that I am a total sucker for those movies. The only time I usually have a chance to even see movies is at my parents so I was so excited to take advantage of the opportunity and go!

Matias is still not walking. I am happy and sad about it. I know he will get there, we will just keep helping him! He has been so sassy lately but I love it! He has been saying different words and mixing up Spanish and English. He was saying no no no no no no no no no today and I about fell off my chair laughing. He was smiling the whole no no no no..... So cute! Luis looks at me and says "well it is the same word in spanish and english". True true.

Veganism is going ok. My body is still adjusting and I won't lie, I have used butter twice. Yesterday I was saying to Luis " I want meat". ( He was unimpressed with my acting abilites) But over all pretty good. I have a quick meal routine down. I made this fabulous home made granola from this recipe. It is seriously good!!! I used blue agave sweeter for honey however. It has keep me going though some rough patches. I will add picutes and the link later. I am to lazy to find it at the moment....sorry...

Well I am done typing. I will have enough of that to do tommrow...

Thursday, February 14, 2008


This is my anti Valentine’s Day Post....

I think I might have nightmares about these "candle holders". Oh they are a cool, $80.00..

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Goals, Milestones, Self Improvement, yada yada yada

Triple Arm Pump! to Beth.

So recently my friend Brandy came over. We were chatting about life, how she got engaged, how she thought Matias was cute, how her friends with the new baby were, how she was a vegan....for a month.

Stop, hold the animal goodness.

"No animal goodness" she replied.

She suggested I read the book Skinny Bitch.

Now I realize I might have mentioned that I have had a hard time with accepting my body 14 months after having a child. I also know that not exercising or caring what I eat is NOT the way to solve this problem...

So I bought the darn thing. I brought it to work and showed Beth, where I read passages and she laughed and laughed.... Well I kept reading. I was not really moved by the grotesque descriptions of animal cruelty.

Things that made me think...
Acid in coffee allows you body to produce extra fat to protect your organs from the acid....

Hormones giving to cows and other animals have been linked to some forms of cancer (including thyroid)....

High Fructose Corn Syrup...devil food.

After all of the little things that made me think, I then decided I would try it. I mean how hard will it be to feed my body what it needs instead of what it wants. I give it a try at least. So I am weaning like a small child off of my vices.

So far Coffee is out of my life. (We had a good time while it lasted)
Meat is out.
Milk and cheese gone.

So I have eggs left.

I am almost there.

I am also listening to on tape Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Which is a different yet similar aspect to this whole line of thought. I am really enjoying it. I am not really a nutrition person perse.

These tales have me thinking. Why would I feed myself with foods made in factories that are added with things that are really for people that have a lack of food in the world. I need to think about what is the real purpose of food for our family. Which I am. In these situations I tend to overwhelm myself, give up and eat a pop tart. But taking it step by step has made me step back and know in my heart that I can do the right thing for myself and our family.

So whew! Sorry to vent and over share. Luis is right, I am an open book.

If you know of any good vegan blogs or food blogs leave a comment!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Weekend Roundup

This weekend was marked with highs and lows, mostly highs however.

Friday busy day. I was getting ready for Kermes. ECFE Mom's pick up fruit and veggies to serve at Kermes. I had to go to club and pick up all the food from Luis. What a sweetie, I volunteer our family for things and he helps out. Matias and I played and cleaned and played. We mostly stuck around home. Waiting for people to pick up food.

Saturday Luis and I made some changes to allow him to have time for school. I forgot what it was like to have homework, not even including a baby. So I am making more of an effort to allow him to work on school and not on the house. For the time being that will be my job.
My mom came and help with watching Matias. While she was there: MAITAS TOOK HIS FIRST STEPS!!! WOW! I was a proud mama. So cool to see him try and succeed!

We watch this super funny show on TPT create and laugh until we were crying! Where this woman made this... Look how deflated the football is. What?

I headed off to Kermes to do set up and then the chaos started. People trying to change the auction rules after it started. Me being extremely frustrated and feeling defeated. In the end we made $500.00 on the auction alone. I was pleased with that. I can see why people get frustrated on these committees.

On Sunday Matias and I headed to church where we were challenged to do no evil. Timely sermon considering I had just crused about 10 people the night before. (I repented....thanks big guy for that gift....) Matias I headed home. He went down for a nap. He got up and we went to the grocery store to pick up food from the big game. Luis came home we set up and people came over where we cheered our underdogs to victory. I feel into bed completely tuckered out but that is when I feel the happiest. (How sick is that:))