Thursday, October 29, 2009


I have been so quite on this here old blog...not much to say I guess. Sure kids are growing and talking in full sentences and saying words like amazing!! The other is crawling like no one business and has seem to found her sleeping skills at night.
She MUST have been really working on that crawling during all the night waking she went though at 5 months. Milli is 7 months tomorrow.....exactly 7 months ago they started the drugs and that girl was on her way out.
Babies are the best, they are fresh and new and passionate about life. Recently with the large amount of stress that my life is going through, I find myself clingy to her infant joy. I find I hold her close and watch with amazed eyes as she does something way before her brother ever did. But in all that I am drawn to this quite desperation I have to define myself as a parent.

In situations lately where I am not defined as a parent makes such a huge difference in the parts of my life where I do identify as one. Milli in all of grace and wisdom has allowed me to do that by crawling sooner and being independent, but still needing me in little ways. She has allowed me to continue pumping, which today I could not believe that I have been back to work for 6 months and still pumping!!! I feel like I should get a gold star or something. It is crazy to think that I have done it!! But that has not been my friends that is all her, my sweet yet crazy lady. (emiliana) <3

Sunday, October 18, 2009


She is way past this now, as in crawling everywhere but it is still fun to put up here

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

6 Months

Ms. Milli alive and thriving and smiling, this was a little impromtu shot of my lady hanging out on the couch, using the pillows to brace her sitting up, which she now has master the skill of sitting up and reaching for objects. Until she topples over because she is top heavy. Then low and behold she made it up on her hands and knees and started rocking away!

We still are nursing, Matias was compeltly weaned by this point in his life, he really just ate so much more than Milli does, at her last Dr. visit she weigh about 14 pounds.
Milli~ my interaction with you this month has been limited, due to the start of school and my internship. I have not seen you or cuddle you as much as I wanted too, but you soft skin is always on my mind, like coal for my engine when I am feeling worn out. (cheese factor) The best part of you being 6 months old (is not sleeping though the night, which you are not) is watching you watching the world, taking it in and thinking this is all mine to find out what is new and wonderful! Here is to another month of adventure and more cuddles!


This weekend will mark, my first two days away from my baby2. First two nights, when she is not even sleeping though them...I know that my mom reads this blog (hi mom) and she is the one watching them and it is not about her (it is not about you mom) But the other part of me feels so selfish, so guilty, I just want to wrap each of my kids up in a little time capsule and never let them out. So, tonight I feel sad, I miss them already. School, seems long and longer, but rewarding. The fact that I am doing something for me sounds so trite. But alas, each moment with them counts more than the ones that I am not. Until then, I can be sad.

*Edit to add, (don't want to be a negative nelly anymore)
Every Act of Love
Demands for our attention
tug in all directions-
kids and work, partners
and practicalities, spiritual
practice and the unrelenting
rough and tumble of life.
It's a gift to remember
even for an instant that
the Infinite is in this mix,
and every act of love
is an offering that
circles back to us a
thousandfold in ways
we never could predict

Danna Faulds