Thursday, January 29, 2009


WhatsforDinner? Meal Planning 101

*Sorry to post this on the blog but I needed a reference point

Downfall of life is not planning. I am not really talking about huge issues, but where food is corncerned, downfall.

These our my biggest problems/solutions:

  • Problem:Not a great cook with out recipe Soultion: Cook from Recipies

  • Problem: Get to the store and feel overwhelmed. Soultion:Make a List

  • Problem: Don't know what to make for dinner Soultion:Meal Plan

  • Waste-throwing away food Soultion: Meal Plan

Action Steps

1. Download Weekly Planner

2. Look at Ads on Sun or on the web and check out what is on sale.

3. Pickout recpies

4. Make a grocery list-(I think to save money we can store hop, we live in West Saint Paul where Rainbow, SuperTarget, and Cub are all walking distance from other)

5. Check out cupon sites

Free Coupon

Coupon Mon

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Last night I was up from 3-5am and I was going to get up at 5 if I was still awake, but then sleep over took me and I was passed out until the final moments of depature. Mostly I was awake due to lots of "worries" I am not sure if worries is the right word but I have not a clue of the right word to use.

So here is what was keeping me up.

Dog Sledding -The John Beargrease is being run right now. As I explained to Luis what this sport was and why I liked it. He was very confused and kept asking...what with dogs? Why was that keeping me up? I have no clue, except for the vivid memories I have watching the starts with my parents, seeing the weird trucks they use to carry all of their pups around and barking...lots of barking.

Ice skating Rinks - Once again that woman Amanda Soule, got into my head with their families homemade ice skating rink... Seriously check out this link, you will want to instantly have your own ice skating rink in your back yard.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh Baby

So I am at the 29 week to go mark. Only 11ish more weeks. so i will summarize how baby2 is doing and what she is doing

  • This baby finds the most uncomfortable spots to take a snooze, she will be moving and then stop in a rib or a hip or at the top of my stomach...

  • She loves a good family hug

  • She loves it when her dad talks to her

  • The ultrasound is her stage

Ok on to the other child in the house

  • The world is his stage, everything is a microphone

  • He like to read to his tigers

  • Left his bear at church this past Sun. and trauma ensued last night, only to find out that the "bear" was in the diaper bag the whole night
  • Now that he is over his cold, is a much nicer happier toddler to be around

On to the man of the house

  • Is doing an awesome job of keeping the house clean!
  • Makes me laugh
  • Is doing awesome at school
  • Has stolen my ipod and reclaimed as his own

On to me

  • Hate the fact that my COBRA coverage changes every month and then I have to deal with the county
  • Feeling happy that crossed off one other thing on my 101 things (Social Work school applied to!)
  • Hoping I get into school
  • Sewing a top for the baby so it will be done when she is two...I kid I kid (because that is not in line with my resolutions :))

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shots from the island

Between tears at the Target pharmacy and finishing books, this little bit of sick sunshine found me. However it still refuses to smile for the camera. Happy Weekend!

Friday, January 9, 2009


Luis and I have been talking about motivation. What motivates us? What makes us get up and go? I write this because yesterday I spent almost the entire morning until 10am sitting around in a blanket watching Luis clean the house and take care of Matias. Granted I did have a cold starting and was not feeling 100 percent. (Lame excuse I know.)

What motivates me to do better. As I worked on a paper last night at the last minute for my social work school application for the U. I was thinking why am I doing this at midnight?!?!?! Get it together girl!!! I think that I have been doing some things better, so I don't want to beat myself up to much, but on the other hand, I want to make my life count. I don't want to live on my island "my couch". Just once in awhile. With baby2 quickly making an appearance it seems that life is about to get much more hectic.

I have been really inspired by this Amanda Soule's blog and life. I want to insert myself in there life. Is that possible :)

So the point of all of this, is that I need and want to get some stuff done. Matias is going for a visit to grandma and grandpa. For a couple of days, sounds good to me!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Dear Body

Hi Body, it is me. Please try to feel less tired and more energized. Thanks!


Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hello 2009! Hello 26!

I used to dread my birthday on the 31st of December but I as I get older I find that it is pretty cool because I always get my new beginnings done in one fall swoop. For this year I have some pretty big goals, most are aspirations and not specific goals but I feel like yesterday I accomplished one (I finished a project, I clean the house with no assistance :)) and this is the momentum I need to keep going.

1. Finish projects...(no more half knitted, half sewn, half crochet projects, lying around) I actually did a preemptive clean and ripped apart all of my projects that were sitting there half-done. Now I am working to complete Christine's quilt square's and then I can move on to the baby leg warmer project I have planned for baby2.

2. Cook at home, not from a box. Matias and I have been eating out less, but most of our food is coming in a box. I would like to improve my culinary/meal planning skills, this is hard when I get home late, but I think with better execution it would be an easy area to improve upon. This parenting thing is about to get much harder, so any pre-planning that I can do is going to benefit me. (and Matias from staving once the baby gets here)

3. Get outside-One thing that I have notice is that Matias loves to be outside. I think that I could learn a thing or two from that attitude. In the winter it is a little harder, and our sledding excursion yesterday did not go well for me. But overall I want my kids to like being outside.

4. Take my health seriously. I have been in denial about my state of healthfulness for a long time. 2009 will be the year that I take it back. I want to be an example for my kids about what it means to be healthy.

5. Last but not least-To have an open mind. I think that setting aside expectations about what you want is a key to happiness. I not talking about the big things but I am saying, sometimes what I want is different than what everyone wants. I did this on New Year's Eve and I had one of the best birthdays I ever have had.

2008, was filled with ups and downs. But mostly ups, I am thankful for a healthy family. Thankful that we will be adding to our family and things look good with baby2. I am thankful for the friends I made this year. A couple of great memories that I don't think made it on to the blog. 1. Anniversary trip up north with Luis, which I received a lifetime passion for the movie Tristan and Isolde. 2. Going out to the farm with Ellen and Leo, I just love hanging out in the county gets my blood pumping. 3. Joining the River Heights Family, going to church every week keeps me sane. Enough said. 4. Book club, love hearing from other moms :)

Ok lets live!