Wednesday, July 6, 2011


First of I am back!

See this screen shot proves I have officially graduated :)

Can not even begin to explain how great it feels to be done. Working at the same job and spending time with the kiddos. We have really just begun summer with this past holiday weekend which we celebrated Vega style by working all day and then eating at a Mexican restaurant watching a the Mexican national soccer team play Chilie. We had plans to go to the fireworks but by the time 8:30 rolled around we all were tired and went to bed. So all in all it was celebrated a little but different than most families but felt the best way for us.

We are awaiting the arrival of baby3, which is just really starting to settle in that a third child is joining our family. Actually it is again terrifying at being a parent again, but also exciting for so many reasons. We are not finding out the gender of this baby so again that is different and exciting for many different reasons.

While I hope to post more on this ole blog, I am not really sure if it is something that is important for me to continue. We shall see :0)