Thursday, June 28, 2007

Do you still like a person that wakes you up at 2am and 5am?

As Matias grows so does his need for attention. Now I know I should take it all in, because when he is 13 he will no longer want to give me kisses (licking my face as it stands now). But at 2 o'clock in the morning all I want to do it sleep. But sometimes he is just to dang cute to ignore. this morning was a early one...5 o'clock to be exact, but I woke up and had fun with Matias. We also discovered that he looks a lot like his dad while sleeping (I will spare you the hairy arm pit photos of my husband). I never thought at 24 that I would have any reason to get up at 5 am or 2 am in the same night. But this crazy little person seems to have drawn out the early bird that I am...motherhood is the strangest adventure I have ever been on.

Well I thought I might update about the things that Matias is enjoying lately,

1. Eating toast (check out the toast song on Utube and picture above)
2. Going to swimming class....went underwater with no problem
3. Watching Telanovella's (Mexican soap opera's) with his grandma right now....Luis's name is from a character on a novella...but that is an entirely different story.
4. Sleeping with his butt up in the air (someone is getting ready to crawl...crap)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fast times at Harrison Ave #2

In a strange twist of events, our house has turned into the loony bin. It all began when Matias's sleep patterns have gone haywire...waking every two hours hungry...But that seems to have passed.

Really the loony bin is that Luis and I have been crafting up a storm, me earrings and other things knit goods mostly, Luis has taken too working on a model ship. Kinda scary but that has what we have spent our free time doing this...updates to come on this topic.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Growing up...Vega Style

Just to show how much this baby is growing....this hat was really really big on him when he was born, now it is skin tight!

Some Beach!

Today we had a great day at the beach. I had planned on cleaning taking a trip to Michaels and Ikea...but who could waste a day like today. I called ellen, eric and leo up and we headed out to Fort Snelling National Park. It is perfect there. Matias was scared of the water at first, but the second time in he tried to stick his head under!!! I was impressed.

Apparently he was having so much fun that he tuckered out in no time and started to fall asleep in my arms in the water. Whew the life of being 6months old!

As the adults partook in eating some ritz crackers in dip leo decided to try some for himself! Overall it was a great time..

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


When I first starting working at Dakota Woodlands I was so excited to help the homeless. Little did I know what great people I would meet. When I was looking for a job as many of you know I wanted to do more than just bring home the bacon. I applied to many non profits. I think that I am in the right place. These women here are amazing! They are so strong. Being a good mother is hard, I mean it is not hard because you love your child so much but being a mom with stress and trying to give all the love you can to your baby can be really hard. Everyday I see mom's in stressful situations. Situations that make no sense. THEY ARE AMAZING! A little girl a day older than Matias is a resident here. It makes it so easy to talk to others about our work when I can just think about this little baby and my son and the future I want to make for both of them!!!