Friday, November 16, 2007

Fall Fun

Last weekend on the beatiful Sun that we had Matias and I took to the leaves!!! We jumped, threw and crawled in the yellow goodness. What a gift to have this tree take its time to turn colors!!!! I can say these are my favorite pictures of Matias.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Food Smood...

Christine always gets me to think...corn syrup she is officially giving it up you can read about it here . But this made me think about Matias. He is gradually eating more and more everyday. In fact he went literally nuts for his Dad's lentil soup the other day. But beside that he eats goldfish, organic everything and organic other stuff. Which leads me to my point....I think I am a bad cook and provider for my son. Yesterday for dinner I served him Cheerios carrots and soy milk...A dinner this does not make. During upcoming season...aka the Holiday season I do not want to eat out at all. So I started a spreadsheet where I will plan to the snack and count all veggies consumed during the this I want to be better than feeding my child Cheerios and carrots for dinner YES!!!! Thankfully we have been covering this topic in ECFE so I have some great ideas! Well that is all for now..look forward to our pics from the past weekend. It just so hard to go home and stare at the computer for more time...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Vega Family Halloween

We had an exciting Halloween here at the Vega's we carve pumpkins went rick or treating and brought home some loot. Matias was a cute teddy bear! We had fun and Luis thought trick or treating was fun too...(It was his first Halloween as well) Tonight the candy that they brought home has proved especially helpful. Unexpectedly when a baby drops a piece of candy in a paper bag it is the most hilarious thing to them. Matias and I have spent a good half and hour laughing...
I hope you all had as much fun as we did. Now we prepare for the Mexican holiday Dias de los muertos. We plan to create a an offerenda. An alter to remember the people who have passed that are close to us in our lives. I will make sure to post pictures and talk more about it. Combining cultures means a lot to our family I hope that we can honor American Traditions and Mexican equally for Matias. Enjoy the pictures!