Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 1

I am working on posting everyday in the month of Nov. I really want to start blogging on a more regular basis and feel like this might get me back into the habit. I think my blog suffered at the end of writing my thesis and general 2nd year grad school craziness. I could not really keep up with everything it was busy last year and so was I!I had to let go of more than just this blog. What is funny is I thought after school I would feel less busy, but that has not happen. So alas the blog still suffers.

What I really want the blog to be is a recording of my life. I kept a journal from 4th grade until 12 grade regualry, now online I can't share what I did then, but it still nice to have a written record of life.  I am brainstroming some post for this month to hopefully help me not get writters block. That is my plan. Plus put a little recap of my day so for one month I can see that I did not get lost, and it year it can reflect back on what exactly happened.

Day recap:
Luis off to work.
Me and kids wake up and watch a show.
Prepare a potroast and poptarts (homemade)
Head to Mom's Group at church.
Bring Matias to school
Come home, let Milli nap-Do insurance stuff.
Luis gets home
Do dishes and clean up.
Pick up Matias
Run errands
Head to Molly's to help install a shelf
Come home (cleaning and time outs ensue)
Bath and bed time.
Household Paper work and blogging

Looking back, we did alot today...and here I thought nothing got done.

Daily thanksgiving
I am thankful for my children loving on my babybelly, giving it kisses and hugs.

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