Saturday, March 9, 2013

How I lived Simply Feb 2013

I choose a word for this year it was -Simple. So in a look back over the month I wanted to honor what was simple.
-Made time to focus on god and the holy spirt for a weekend.
-Slept as much as I could
-Made it to the gym most days
-Biked to work one day. (More to come that day rocked)
-Made a few yummy vegitarian meals.

*This is the first time Febuary has been a hard month for me. I was starting to feel the grind of working two jobs. So I took a break and went to a conference that changed my life. God met me there, and why it is always a struggle to get to soemthing that is just about you it is so so worth it in the end-because you become better for others around you. I am happy to say that Febuary started out not very simple in my head or heart. It ended that way and I am thankful for that.