Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Don't put the TV in the closet....

I think the heat has gotten to me. I followed through on a threat. Which end's in the phase " Mom, don't put the TV in the closet." Matias has been asserting his independence in a variety of ways this summer. Most are positive and make me really proud as a mom.

However the refusal to go into the woman's bathroom and screaming in parking lots  that " your breaking me" (as I gently hold his hand) has taken over all of time out in public.

So let's keep this short and say the tv is in the closet....and it might never come out.

I sent Luis this article and it makes sense. Our home right now feels crowed and full. I feel like there are things that I don't need around every corner and the amount of things we have leads to disarray. Now I do admit to not being the cleanest person around but how would eliminating things feel and contribute to our happiness. And why not try it and see how it feels? As I read that article I thought....what happens if she has company over, where would she get plates from? Then I realized that we have only once in the 2.5 years that we have lived here had a "dinner party". So really do I have a need for extra plates?

I also have given some thought to things that are important and I want to be a part of lives and how ridding out life of things could make and impact on us. So therefor the next month is clear out 2010.

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