Friday, July 23, 2010

Birch Trees

Something I really love is birch trees.

this is a painting that I want. The print is 100.00. It is beautiful and lovely and completed by one of my favorite mama artisits out there. One ms. K Barteski. This work sums up life for me. And it screams home!
I wanted to wallpaper our kitchen with the cole and sons wall paper that is $100.00 $198.00a roll. But it is a $100.00 $198.00 a roll people!

But what I do have that was not a 100.00 or 198.00 is a painting by my grandmother. It is actually the only thing I received after her death. Mostly because family members of mine put post it notes on everything, while the poor woman was lying on her death bed....but that is an entirely different story...

Recently it came to live in the living room. Which honestly I was upset when my husband put it there. But now it feels quite at home. Even in it's 1970's frame.

Until then I will keep searching for my cole and son's wall paper.

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