Tuesday, August 24, 2010


This past week has been madness.

1. My internship changed.... which ended up with less flexibility and much juggling of schedules and childcare. It almost all sorted out and ready for school to begin in a week....

2. I have not had a good work out. This is entirely my own fault and I am having some mental blockage getting though my work outs. So here is to a better week. I did get in some yoga this morning, but I hardly consider that something that gets my blood pumping.

3.Details. I hate details....that is what I am swimming in right now.

4. Purging... I have got ridden of 4 clothing articles of my own and 4 of Matias's so 8 items total! I am celebrating that, because it is all I have. :)

5. We are going to a wedding this weekend and that should be great! We mailed off a package to a sweet friend who is having a baby girl. Dropped off a meal to a family that just had a sweet baby boy #4 and are ready for a different friend to welcome a baby by labor day#3. There are babies EVERYWHERE....(which oddly makes me not want to have more, must be the constant reminders of labor and pregnancy)

That is all I have right now....I hope to get some more thoughts down soon.

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