Thursday, August 12, 2010

4 simple goals

Elsie via a Beautiful Mess who's blog is amazing btw. Put up a little inspiration for us who were interested and I responded to the simple idea of 4 goals before 2011...awk. Can you believe it will be 2011? (My ten year high school reunion is next year).

I need some motivation at the moment I feel a little burned out. Which is strange because I have been up to nothing as of late beside being a mom and working. I like to be busy so when that internship, job, and school start up again after labor day I tend to do better when that level of activity is going on....

Here we go:

1. Make time for myself to take care of my needs. -Schedule in times to workout 3 times a week and time to concentrate on "adult things" versus making due during mom time.- Done! I joined a gym and have been seeing friends going to church regualry!

2. Be a better parent -Number one should help significantly with this. I need to be calmer, more organized and sensitive to what the kids need and be there 100% for them-

3. Finish the knitting the cardigan for Milli.

4. Get ride of some things....-long board that never gets rode, books that are ripped, books never read, clothing to small, stained, or not worn-Doing better than not on this! 11/8/2010

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