Sunday, September 5, 2010

End of school and start of school

I wrote awhile back that the I would write a reflection about my first year of grad school. While I think the time has past for a reflection. I think there are some life lessons that I can atrribute to that first 9 months of school. Simlar to having a baby, the process of cultivating and thinking hard about choices and ethics was the most marked expereince of my first year.

I think the most dramatic part of going back to school was learning that I was person. I was not defined by being a mother, which had consumed me for the last two years. It was scary at first to be my own person. Parenting allows you alot of freedom in the choices that you make, there is no one grading you or saying don't displine that way or this way. When choices that I made were commented and graded it was much more stepping out of my comfort zone. Overall my grades were sucessful and I was proud of the work I did. It was personal and indvidual accomplishments that were the best part of getting to achieve a personal goal.

The second thing about school is a lesson about myself and professionalism. Ealry on in the year, I became close friends with someone. When she confided something in me, I was shocked by the infomration and brought it up to a support group that was "confindental". Well one of the members brought it out into public and it became a huge deal. Everything recoved and the indvidual and I are still are friends. (Which is a testment to her and how cool she is) What that situation taught me was to take people face value with a little bit of skepism. I guess I should not have over reacted, but I am defensive about social work and the standards we should be held up too. Let me make this clear on this here blog. Particpating in illegal activity is wrong, but I am not going to be a tattletale on people. As a social worker it is impartive that we meet people where they are at inculding social workers. I think that I would have step back and listen to this advice I might have acted differently.

The third thing about school last year was, how I am really glad that Seward Co-op is close by....they have the best hot bar ever. I love the food it is really yummy. Oh and I liked learning... ;)

Well, school starts in less than a week and I have to go buy my books.

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