Thursday, January 10, 2008

Why you should have a coke with dinner

So I had a coke with dinner. I also had a great day at work. When Matias and I arrived home (we ate out with buds) I clean the kitchen with vinegar. (What?) Wow I even surprised my self with all of my cleaning. Maybe it is because my mom is coming over the weekend and I want to challenge myself. If she does not have to clean anything while she is here... I might have succeeded :) Mom if you are reading this I know you will clean something...don't worry it is who ou are and we love you for it :) Well I am finally at a computer with our picture so I will post some of those as well...

This is a dashing picture of Matias from his Christmas photo shoot. This is pre-illness. He looks so cute in the rocker. ( Which I have a picture of me in this same chair about the same age!) And was so excited for his time in front of the camera. We learned yesterday at ECFE that Matias is a listener...his learning style that is. Because all he has been doing lately is talking talking talking! It is exciting because I swear! I heard him switch from Spanish to English today. Even if it was just baby talk! It is utterly crazy how fast humans grow learn and change. It is cool that we go from being so dependent to so independent!

This is sadly the only picture I have of Matias on him first birthday. Ok so he is really not drinking the Mt. Dew. But it is so funny that he is pretending to. We were watching Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer and it was also a good day of fun!

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