Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What is the deal?

I am obsessed with reading blogs. I am a bad employee and read them at work. I think for lent I might have to give up my RSS reader. In fact that is just one of the things I might do...

I have been working hard on the Kermes Silent Auction. I received a bunch of stuff from a fellow committee member and that I am grateful for. I am excited for the event. For those of who you don't know Kermes is a fundraising event for the West Side ECFE. We are working on dedicating this year event to a ECFE dad who died about 2 weeks ago know. I did not know him well, but he was a very spirited person and I really wanted Luis to meet him. i think that they would have been great friends. I ask for prayers in their family for healing.

I have also been working hard on laundry, storage solutions. organizing stuff. Bringing things to goodwill. Spending time at Menard's! My childhood loathing of Menard's has returned full force! Also visiting with friends. After a two week hiatus we met up with Andrea D. on Sunday and Greta, Dub and Mindy on Sat. It was great to see everyone and catch up. Although I am realizing that having a one year old in restaurants is not the best idea. There needs to be a place that has good food and place for kids to run around in and be messy and safe....
I think that might be my million dollar idea...

I have also been reading the Pillars of the Earth. I at first devoured it, I was so excited to be reading fiction. Now at page 600 I am getting a little bored, so I am thinking that I might need to slow it down a little. Does anyone know of any good books? Let me know I will be so grateful.

Tonight is our staff holiday party I heard we get presents! Yeah I love presents!

I love random blog posts as well :)

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