Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Curve Balls-Changes in direction

We have had a lot of curve balls lately.

One being the weather. After non existence winters for the past five years I have become so wimpy! Today it was like -2 on my care thermometer and I was freezing. Thanks to my mukluks my toes can stay warm but this has recall thrown a hamper in my Resolution to walk more this year.

Our basement is almost done. Luis is installing the floor and I am so happy! He took off the day from work yesterday to get some things done. After we move down there I am little nervous leaving the little guy by himself. My mom suggested coming up with an action plan to keep him in the room in case he escapes from the room...escapes.... Do babies escape from things? Wow they are so smart those little creatures.

We have so much work to do on the house and we are still living on boxes, so I am excited to get some storage solutions. I decided this summer I am going to learn more about woodworking. I would like to build a sidebar for our front room. I am going to work on designs and plans tonight.
I recently read about this mom who makes furniture out her garage. To me that is some real! girl power. My dad will be at our house tonight so he can help me figure out what I want to do.

On a different note...
I am planning on knitting Matias a Valentines Day Sweater. I am going to Michael's tonight to get the pattern. Which will be helpful in establish one other resolution to work on projects out of my craft books.
This is what I am thinking white and a detachable heart.

I will keep you updated but I think he going to get all the ladies...

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