Thursday, January 3, 2008

New year new mommy

So It has come to the new year. 2008 it has a nice ring to it. i wanted to post 10 of my endless new year's resolutions here. At least the ones that have to do with matias and trying to guide him as he grows up. This morning I asked him to come to me and he literally shook his head no...

Shut down by a 13mo old. My life is sad sad....

1. Go outside and play everyday.
2. Do more creative activities with Matias
3. Visit Relatives more
4. Use time wisely
5. Plan chores and outings for one day a week
6. Spend less money at target :)
7. Get a bike trailer
8. Use less gas

Ok so that is only 8 but not to bad. So far we have failed on 1. but once we feel better and it warms up this weekend we will get on it....

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  1. You are an excellent Mommy! You love that little boy more than anything and I'm confident that you will do excellent on your new year's resolutions! Happy new year!!!