Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Marathon 2

Did you think I just completed my 2nd marathon-Haha! No No-but my awesome sauce husband did.

Seriously-I always am inspired by him and I will share more on that!

But the parallel story is my brother Jake who finished the same Marathon in 3:50 min w/o training. Well, because you know he is a demi god-just call him Thor's uncle. Luis signed up for the marathon with intention of supporting Jake as he returned home from a year long deployment. As a way to set the tone for our support of him serving the U.S.A.

Okay-sorry Jake you are cute and all, but my husband gah! Every time he does something like this I love him more. I can't explain it exactly it may have something to do that I can't image doing it and he is not a demi god. It could also do with the fact that when he sees me on the course waiting there with our littles he is SO happy to see us. His face lights up just like when I walk up to him to marry him. Pure joy-my mom commented on how romantic he was when he saw us.  I just am so proud of him. He finished and finished strong.  So an internet congrats-to Luis on his second marathon.

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