Tuesday, June 19, 2012

6 months of Luca

Luca Lalo Vega is 6 months today. Ahem -like over a month ago...6 months old-just in time yesterday he start spouting a tooth and eating baby food like a pro.

This third time around with a baby has been weird. It has been like my labor-our doula (who was amazing) keep stating to me, welcome the pressure. Welcome the pain because it means your baby is almost here. I keep this on my mind when I am struggling with any given concern. I love that little baby so much. Like SOOO much-of course all parents love their children.

Parenting is a lot like middle school-awkward and bumpy. It is like you still have braces on or you like a boy and have no idea how to act around him. This is how it feels to be a mom right now-like sometimes I have hit my stride other times not so much. At times I have felt like I am unable to keep up.

*** However, the big kids went to FL with grandma and grandpa and it gave me a break.
***I went to a retreat and that gave me a break. I feel like suddenly I have been able to take a DEEP breath and be the Mom again I want to be. Not the Mom who just does what is necessary. I also know that God did not make a mistake when choosing me to parent my kiddos. That he knew I could do it and still can. That at 6 months of three has been hard but it was no mistake.

With that said, I come with wisdom that people have survived three young children and more importantly, there kids have turned out to be productive humans.

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