Friday, March 30, 2012


My girl turned three today. She is a keeper that one. I feel like Ms. Emiliana Lane Vega is a lot like her mama. She is fierce, she loves with all her heart. She is quick to react and wicked smart (like a little bit evil). She knows what she wants and usually figures out how to get it. My mom sees Milli's heart when I have a hard time seeing it-so I feel like her and I are more alike than we will care to admit. Ahem...

Milli has taken to her big brother and also her little brother. She loves them both with all her heart. Luca is almost the same size as her. She loves candy,l oves books, loves her grandparents, LOVES star wars and princesses.

Honestly -the kid is hard pressed to eat a vegetable and at times can push my very last button. But there is this..

Last Sun she told me that God loved her. My heart melted. You see my birthday wish for her is to know that she is loved as a child of God. I try to show her that when I am parenting her. I hope she knows at three that she is loved by us.

Happy Birthday Milli!

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