Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How we are "healthy"

Lately things have been good. I feel like we might have a routine going when it comes to healthy habits.

 You see I am still trying to lose all of my grad school weight.

Grad school weight? OH YES! It exists...You may ask (because I graduated more than 6 months ago)

Almost everyone in my cohort gained weight or lost weight, from stress. Now those who lost weight were in the minority and it was not healthy weight loss. It seemed like at graduation there was no one that was a healthy weight by any means. Did I mention I was 5 months pregnant (and looked like 8 months).

So we are slowing working on things. Luis is training for the marathon so he can eat whatever the heck he wants. We have been juicing right now one day a week. For me me it is a nice little fast and it keeps me from feeling bloated. I usually will have a kale, apple, celery combo that is quite nice in the morning. Then a veggie combo at night. We usually just take everything that is going bad and throw it in the juicer.  Matias has been into the carrot juice that Luis is partial to.

I am not focusing on my diet as much right now because I am afraid with nursing Chubs (aka Luca) that I won't be able to make enough milk. What I am doing is getting to the gym most days. I have a pretty great schedule, that includes deep water exercise and bodyflow (which is yoga, taichi and Pilates). This class is a ton of fun and has awesome music. Today was really good. The best part of the gym is I get a shower everyday sin children...mawhaha. So I have lost about 1.5 in a week. From the time I started keeping track. It is a start and I hope when summer roles around that I can be a place mentally to focus on calories and eating, winter is just so hard up here in the north :)

I have a fitness goal of being able to bike Grandma's with a trailer and kid, so I can watch and cheer Luis though his race.

I will leave you with a song that is on the bodyflow mix that makes me smile.

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