Sunday, October 9, 2011


With my new work schedule most people weekends are my work week. I am work Fri- Sun from 6pm to 2am. In most people's opinion that sounds horrible or maybe not worth it. To me it is amazing! I love having my week off and then weekend days. Let's face it when you have young children there is not alot of social life on the weekend's that happen after 6pm. We were able to enjoy the MN fallummer with pumpkin picking, church going. I was able to join some lovely women from church as well as some close friends to discus a book (and start of a book club).  It was great conversation and it felt nice to really "talk" about a book. I love reading, and having dialog about books, it was really nice to connect with other mom via books :)

Tomorrow I have a super special idea and in the off chance that anyone reads this mum is the word.

Baby update- I am 32 weeks pregnant which is crazy. This pregnancy is strangely comfortable. i think not knowing the gender of this baby had made me feel less connected with the pregnancy. We are still having a tough time picking a boys name so I am hoping that a name will magically present itself as a wonderful option.

that is all for now.

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