Saturday, October 22, 2011

Have a nice day

It is the week before Halloween!!!

I love Halloween. I worked on kids costumes over the week and was getting it all wrapped up today because tomorrow it is time to party. (Our first of 5 celebrations). One of my favorite memories growing up was my Dad fighting with the sewing machine to make our costumes. Yes, my dad was the sewer in the family. My parents have a Kennmore machine with all metal parts it is like operating a robot.

Luis was sweet today and brought my sewing machine out and got it all set up and ready to go. So I was able to get most of Matias's owl costume finished which I am basing off of this idea. He is grey owl so I am re-purposing some left over IKEA fabric that I have. I also have added some spots of green, left over from random projects. In the end it turning out, however at one point most of the feathers were not straight but it was easy enough to patch right up.

Milli princess Leia costume is close to being done I just have to get her buns done and she will be ready to fight the dark side.

I will make sure to share pictures soon :)

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