Sunday, November 14, 2010


Bah! Where has the time gone.....

I have been really busy over the last two weeks with school. I wrote 50 pages in three days. While I have not got any grades back for the 4 papers back I feel good about where is school is going.

Recently went back and updated where I am at on my four goals. I was impressed that I had knocked out 3. Milli's sweater had to be restarted because it was not perfect enough. I am considering changing the yarn, because she is really not a pink girl. So I might change up the yarn and take it a touch darker.

In other news we had a exciting day yesterday with all the snow. A transformer blew right outside our house. We lit a bunch of candles and watched Harry Potter on my laptop (it had battery). The fire dept came as we live on a pretty busy street and Milli and Matias were both quite happy to watch out the window all the action.

We are going to welcome a new baby into our family. My cousin is pregant, which is really exciting! Aww babies.

Luis and I met with our lawyer yesterday. We got some encouraging news! We are excited to move foward with the immgration process. Luis and I have debated as to what the right decsion would be for our family. At this point it looks like moving foward in the process is the best decsion for everyone. I have been praying that God would contiune to provide protection to our family. He has been faithful in providing for us.

I hope you all are well. I am looking forward to a shorten work week and then Thanksgiving!!!

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