Monday, July 12, 2010

Big Dreams and Big Project

Matias and I just got back from camping. We survivied and had fun to boot. Matias has been consipated for the majorty of his potty training and he was holding it in on trip. It was frustrating because you have to get him on the toliet with in 15 seconds of him starting to try he must be on the toliet in order to make everything "work". So that was hard, his personality changes and he is very whiney.

To make a long story short, we made a stop so I could use the bathroom and we got some drinks. He started his dance and I got him to the toliet quick enough. When "it" happened I was shocked, it was larger than any BM I have ever wonder he was crabby. Not that it makes it eaiser. Anyhow....

I am looking towards christmas time already!

There are also serveral babies making their ways into the world at this time.

I really want to knit something for all of them.

So here it goes....I will post some of the projects I am thinking about.

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