Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Again

Looks like Sunday is post day.

Things are well. I am at work currently :) Woot! But still having fun. I need to get at least one case study done while I am here.

We spent the night in Chippewa Falls, WI last night. Luis and Dad did a 50 miles bike ride today that ended with beer brats! The ride was sponsored by Leinie's. If you never had their Berry Beer...try it. It was so good!

Milli is on day 3 of walking...(tear, my baby). Matais is having a moment in time, I think it is known as 3.5 years of age evil! He is sweet so much of the time but then...BAM he is evil. Our ECFE teacher did tell us that the half of year is a time when the brain is growing at a dramatic rate, so the child experience disequilibrium. I we past this soon!

I hope all is well! With you, peace! lane

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