Monday, May 10, 2010

The Goings On...

I feel like such a blog loser.

Well here is the going ons....for the record

Walking a little more everyday. She often walks with her arms straight up in the air.
She knows that at the end of the Dinosaur Train theme raawww
She is saying mama, papa, grandpa
Shakes her head yes and no
Loves to lay down in the gravel and roll around

Is couting to 20
Knows the alapbet, zoo song, more we get together and farmer in the dell
Still loves animals
Still likes to cuddle
Is very imaginative, lots of things chasing us everyday!

Biked 100K
Has 5 grad parties booked and is donating all profits to the Misson in Mexico
Is running  1/2 MARATHON!

Is going crazy from school...but not to bad
Finished a MAJOR knitting process
finished my internship
is training for a triathlon
Is watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer way to much!

We all were pretty sick 2 weeks ago and that was awful...seriously awful
We planted a garden on Sun and that was great!

I hope you all are well...take care

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