Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What I am proud of....

I need to write creatively today. Not about a social welfare topic because being a MSW student is all about saving the world, today is my day off ;)


Recently a woman by the name of Andrea at Superhero Journal posted on her life and her thoughts about making space.

Then Zoot posted these questions:

What do you think? Do you constantly find yourself amazed by other people online yet can’t see yourself in the same glowing light? Do you allow yourself pride in your work? Pride in yourself? Or do you give that pride to other people who are probably struggling with the same things you are?

I feel like the online community that I read is a group of a bunch of amazing people with their own gifts and talents. I am not sure how I fit into all of that. But I sure hell know that I can't compare myself to anyone with experiences and talents that I do not have. Yet I do, and while I want to be a super crafter with a super etsy shop, all the while being a super social work and a super wife and a super mom....(lol) Just writing it down looks like a crazy person...

The two bloggers mentioned above both have in many ways inspired me. Zoot for example inspired me to read Twilight, which has saved my sanity over the past year. I am not even kidding about that! That series has provided me an emotional space to get away from the heavy people problems that I have been encountering in social work and that is inspiring.

While I struggling with trying to do to much. I am a "yes" lady. I know that I can't do it all. (For example not dropping of SATC to Autumn when I said I would on mon.) But also knowing that I will get their tonight and I bless their family with a meal as well :) In the long run we can only do what we can. For me that means doing something nice for someone everyday and enjoying every minute with my family.


Something that I am proud of is this...I stop pumping in December. But I was able to breastfeed and pump for 9 months while being away from the home for 60+ hours a week. It was a huge accomplishment and I felt really close to Milli and my mechanical baby (my breast pump :)) While I have taken less pictures of her and got to be around her less, I still feel like being in school, working, internship have all made me a stronger and better person. I feel really satisfied with the variety that exist in my life and how I get to transition from worker, to pre-professional, to mom.


In the end it is a beautiful life and that is something to proud of.


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