Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I have news #1 I dyed my hair brown! (See Above)

Now that is out of the way....

Luis and I are starting a blog! In the interest of my sanity I might be letting Mommylog transition to the new blog. We are still in the planning stages because this is going to be a REAL blog. oh yeah baby, we are going to cook, talk about fashion, parenting crafting, house tours...ok maybe not house tours or fashion, but we are going to be writing it in Spanish and English so that will be different.

I will let you know more details as they come about. But I want to hear from you dear readers (all two of you) Should I keep Mommylog or would you just want to hear about our life in one place?


  1. Either way, just send the link so I can keep up with you!

  2. Lane, I love reading blogs, so the more the merrier! But I don't understand Spanish, so that part will probably just confuse me!

  3. I love reading your blog! If you change please send me the link! :)