Wednesday, March 4, 2009

oh cute!

Feb 28th baby shot, 35.5 weeks
Me pregnant with Matias at 36ish weeks. (I swear i am happy now too :))
So the difference in these two pictures beside my better fashion in the 2nd picture is that notice how there is no belly button sticking out...and Matias is about 20% higher on my frame. Everyone at work yesterday, was saying how the baby has dropped. Today I have an OB check and hopefully will get "checked" (fun times, when your private parts are no longer that) So we will see if anything is going on down there. I actually slept all of last night which was great, just one bathroom break. On Tues. I got up about 30 times and was not a happy camper yesterday at about 5:00pm when I had to be at work for 2+ hours more. But thankfully it came off as goofiness vs. crabbiness.
Overall, though things are going well, I can't wait to meet this person and start figuring out how this is all going to work out with 2 small people in the house. Not to mention 6 weeks off of work, yeehaw! Just to spend time with my kiddos. :)

Matias just being cute.

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