Monday, March 31, 2008


EmilyStyle a random blog I read just wrote this post about musicals. Now it made me think of 10 random facts about the role of Musicals in my life...

1. I love musicals, and I have not watched one or went to one live in a very long time.
2. Matias loves the West Side Story soundtrack and we now have a routine for JETS song
3. I want to host a musical viewing night once a month!
4. My favorite musical is Les Miz, followed closely by Martin Guerre.
5. Joe M. (my first true love:)) broke up with me the day after we saw RENT.
6. I saw Showboat and then stole the soundtrack from my mom and still have it...when i get sad I play old man river and lay on the floor and feel sad (beat that emo kids)
7. When people in middle school would look at my cd collection they would only have musicals.....(and only Ryan M. would understand the truth behind it all)
8. I characterized most of high school by musicals
9. I wanted to be a musical theater actress, and was going that route in college.
10. I have never been to Broadway (sad and true)

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