Monday, February 4, 2008

Weekend Roundup

This weekend was marked with highs and lows, mostly highs however.

Friday busy day. I was getting ready for Kermes. ECFE Mom's pick up fruit and veggies to serve at Kermes. I had to go to club and pick up all the food from Luis. What a sweetie, I volunteer our family for things and he helps out. Matias and I played and cleaned and played. We mostly stuck around home. Waiting for people to pick up food.

Saturday Luis and I made some changes to allow him to have time for school. I forgot what it was like to have homework, not even including a baby. So I am making more of an effort to allow him to work on school and not on the house. For the time being that will be my job.
My mom came and help with watching Matias. While she was there: MAITAS TOOK HIS FIRST STEPS!!! WOW! I was a proud mama. So cool to see him try and succeed!

We watch this super funny show on TPT create and laugh until we were crying! Where this woman made this... Look how deflated the football is. What?

I headed off to Kermes to do set up and then the chaos started. People trying to change the auction rules after it started. Me being extremely frustrated and feeling defeated. In the end we made $500.00 on the auction alone. I was pleased with that. I can see why people get frustrated on these committees.

On Sunday Matias and I headed to church where we were challenged to do no evil. Timely sermon considering I had just crused about 10 people the night before. (I repented....thanks big guy for that gift....) Matias I headed home. He went down for a nap. He got up and we went to the grocery store to pick up food from the big game. Luis came home we set up and people came over where we cheered our underdogs to victory. I feel into bed completely tuckered out but that is when I feel the happiest. (How sick is that:))

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