Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Goals, Milestones, Self Improvement, yada yada yada

Triple Arm Pump! to Beth.

So recently my friend Brandy came over. We were chatting about life, how she got engaged, how she thought Matias was cute, how her friends with the new baby were, how she was a vegan....for a month.

Stop, hold the phone.....vegan.....no animal goodness.

"No animal goodness" she replied.

She suggested I read the book Skinny Bitch.

Now I realize I might have mentioned that I have had a hard time with accepting my body 14 months after having a child. I also know that not exercising or caring what I eat is NOT the way to solve this problem...

So I bought the darn thing. I brought it to work and showed Beth, where I read passages and she laughed and laughed.... Well I kept reading. I was not really moved by the grotesque descriptions of animal cruelty.

Things that made me think...
Acid in coffee allows you body to produce extra fat to protect your organs from the acid....

Hormones giving to cows and other animals have been linked to some forms of cancer (including thyroid)....

High Fructose Corn Syrup...devil food.

After all of the little things that made me think, I then decided I would try it. I mean how hard will it be to feed my body what it needs instead of what it wants. I give it a try at least. So I am weaning like a small child off of my vices.

So far Coffee is out of my life. (We had a good time while it lasted)
Meat is out.
Milk and cheese gone.

So I have eggs left.

I am almost there.

I am also listening to on tape Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Which is a different yet similar aspect to this whole line of thought. I am really enjoying it. I am not really a nutrition person perse.

These tales have me thinking. Why would I feed myself with foods made in factories that are added with things that are really for people that have a lack of food in the world. I need to think about what is the real purpose of food for our family. Which I am. In these situations I tend to overwhelm myself, give up and eat a pop tart. But taking it step by step has made me step back and know in my heart that I can do the right thing for myself and our family.

So whew! Sorry to vent and over share. Luis is right, I am an open book.

If you know of any good vegan blogs or food blogs leave a comment!


  1. I just got done reading Skinny Bitch. While it was fascinating and opened my eyes to the evilness that is the world, I know I can't go vegan. :) I admire you for giving it a shot though. Good luck. If you think about it post good vegan products that you find.

  2. Wow! You're really done with meat and cheese?

    Keep blogging about this, the highs, the lows. I'm fascinated!

  3. I know me too. I am fascinated by the whole thing...actully I have been feeling better....who knows