Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Life Dreams

In a mere 6ish weeks-we will have lived in our house for almost 5 years. Which outside of my childhood home is the longest I have lived anywhere...
by Milli

I write these words in the middle of the renovation that will "end" all of our renovations. Anything beyond this will be adding on to our house and that would be for bedrooms and a garage.  After this it will be touch ups or cosmetic changes. I do not foresee that part of our personalities going away. We are forever changing our ideas and outlook on home. In order to make it work we have adopted a "small living" mentality. Where we happily coexist in 900 odd square feet.

I talk about this because home ownership used to be on most American's dream list. We have made it!  Our house is a financial win for us and I appreciate that in my life-and it will continue to be even if we are not living here.  But I still know that  I have other dreams. Other things beyond these four walls that make me tick.

I recently was reading the life list concept. I feel that Luis and I are in the middle of the building our life list outside of this our physical home. We are shaping our spiritual home. We have been asking God to support us financially in sharing our story in how Christ has saved us with others (aka ministry of some type, but I not a fan of that word).  Now how to do that beyond-is a different story.

I am willing to wait five years to see the real layout of this come together, just as our house has taken about the same to realize the best path for it. I realize that God's plans and timeline are different than mine. I do know that his love and passion for me (and for you) are so awsome.

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