Monday, October 1, 2012

Heavy Heart

I know I don't post often on this blog-but like my real life journal it feels good to write sometimes about things that are to hard to express otherwise.

Today I learned that a classmate had died-in an accident. He has a wife and 2 young children. He had a life-we did not talk anymore, which is fine by me. But what is jarring to me is that someone who that I have know from the age of 8 is dead.

I often approach death with a scientific hat-the hospice social worker in me sees the fragile beauty in it. But as a person life is to be celebrated and lived. But for some reason this seems unfair and senseless. Maybe it is because life is starting to feel busy-but I am sad. Sad for life that is gone and sad for a life that could have been. I feel that my life is not yet realized, that Luis and I are just starting to live out God's real plan for us. A plan to share his word with others and to care for the poor.  So today-I am grateful and sad. I pray that my classmate felt God's love in the last moments of his life and that his children are protected with God's love and grace.

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