Thursday, December 27, 2007


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have great plans for the new year! We thought we would honor baby Jesus by making a trip to Urgent Care with our baby Christmas morning...
Now as fun as it sounds, we made the best of it and were back at the house about 2 hours later. Matias had been suffering with a low grade fever, drooling and some discomfort. I thought teething of course. Well that morning I was trying to give him some banana, normally he inhales it. However he kept dropping it and screaming. I looked inside his mouth and saw two blister like things on the tip of his tounge. So I called the nurse line, we took him and and turns out he had a mouth full!!! of really bad cold sores. (Don't worry I won't put up any pictures) Herpes...ewwww....aparently it is a common thing that happens to toddlers and it really painful. Poor bubs!!!

So we took it easy had some burritos and opened gifts. My parents got us ballroom dance lessons!!! I am so excited I have visions of dancing with the stars in my head! But alas I will more than likely trip on Luis foot and break my leg...
Matias got a sled and some wonderful wooden toys. As well as lots of outfits. He will be stylin' in 2008.

Well unpacking our things is calling my name.

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