Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Cards

Yesterday, my co-worker and I were discussing about Christmas Cards. I said usually we have more this time of year. I had to put up my program from the Macy's display because we only had one lonely Christmas card on our string. Image my surprise when I arrived home and found not one but 5 new Christmas cards.

We have yet to take our picture, I wanted to do something creative. I tried last night and nothing was working. So we will try again tonight. I think that we will do a New's Year card... sadly.

I have been so burned out from Christmas because of work. Literally I should be overwhelmed by the generosity of it all and I am. But the fact I have to sort, sleph and lift after a weekend of moving... makes me a little Scroogeish.

I did bake some fake "turtles" last night to give out to co-workers tomorrow with cards. They turned out really well. Matias even help peel some of the rolos. (Ok he did not really peal them, but he did hold one in his hand).

I have to remember to ask my mom to bring down the Muppet's Christmas Carol and my brother and I can watch it on Christmas together. Sadly watching Gonzo play Charles Dickens is my favorite Christmas movie. I think that Luis has not watched to many Christmas movies so maybe we can rent some different ones and watch them Christmas eve. (In Luis family we stay up until midnight and celebrate until 4 in the morning). Thankfully this has been the best thing about having a baby, because I get to go home and sleep :)

Well this is not really about Christmas cards...but more just a venting session :)

***Look forward to my post about my family's homemade Christmas challange....and our New Year's Eve Card ;)

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