Monday, July 2, 2012

Start of Week 3-Summer Weight Loss

Here is where I am at for the start of week 3
· Eating is so meh-it has been hot here so I have a hard time mustering up energy to cook. We have been swimming, outdoor eating options ect. In order to improve what I put into my mouth I am going to do some pintrest hoping see what I can find to bring with us on our outdoor outings. Also I have noticed that Luis will eat a ton and then I feel like I need to catch up. This sounds weird but if we are on a picnic. I plan on waiting until everyone finishes to eat. I also have been ahem "snacking" at night not cool. So that will be a focus of this week.
· Last week was a good week for working out. I made it to the Gym-Mon for bodyflo, tues-outdoor hike and swimming, wed bodyflo, thus bikeclass and Sun-bodyflo. I am still sore this week, which is a good thing for me,.
· This week has high potential to be a disaster week. I need to do a run, but it is so hot here that Luis and I will need to get out early am. Hoping we can head out tomorrow with kids in strollers.
-That is it! I love that the online world keeps me accountable

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  1. This week has potential for me to be a disaster week as we're going on a long-weekend trip out of town which NEVER bodes well for me. EEK.