Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Excellent Picks from a mom

With my short break from school I have been using my netflix subscription like no other.

So in the past 3 weeks, this is what I have watched and holy cow it is too much but well...that is my own problem.

1. No impact Man-
Documentary- Loved this! I think Luis and I have had similar fights in our house. Plus it was inspirational and Luis and I are SERIOUSLY talking about how to live better and live greener!

2. Weeds Season 4
TV Series- Umm, this was awesome! The hot Mexican drug lord had a lot to do with my love. (I spent an hour on the internet and talking to Luis about this actor) Also the utter break from my own reality was engaging. Hands down the best part is the incredible acting the Mary Louise Parker brings to the series, you feel every decision that she makes thought her portrayal of Nancy.

3. princess and a frog-
Movie-ummm, this was an impulse rent and I am sorry that I watched it.

4. Women in Trouble
Movie-cute and weird....

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