Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A real person

This is my little gal smiling away at Grandma on Friday. She totally melts my heart in every way possible when she gives a smile. This is what keeps me going though the rough times.
I went back to work yesterday, things went well. The only thing is pumping is stressing me out. I just have to ride it out and if we need to supplement we need to supplement. I just want to remain committed to when I am with her, feeding her and not going totally to formula. Either way I am sure she will be just fine. Not much else to report beside what an awesome husband I have. I don't think he reads the blog, but how can one person, clean, cook, do yard work and take care of two kids. What a guy!!! Thanks honey.


  1. Sweet baby!

    I hated pumping. It takes a dedicated mama to do that.