Monday, April 6, 2009

and then love...

I should label myself as a person who thinks newborns are so-so on the cuteness scale. Give me a 6 month old and and cuteness is off the charts. But when it comes to my own kids, they both had me at hello.
I think with Milli and Matias the difference is I am taking it slow and relishing in the moments that a newborn offers. Gas smiles, sitting up at 2am nursing, little squeaks, me becoming a prisoner of the couch. All of these things with Matias I suffered though them, thinking that would be how it would always be. Waking up and watching him sleep. Now, I want Milli to stay this way forever, cuddling with her frog legs up on her belly hands cuddling her face.
SO far so good. Both of my kids have my love and that is all I can say at this point one week into being a parent of 2! (eek*)
I just had to share this picture of Matias and I because I think it is pretty funny and cute.

I can not believe my feminist self let this contraption on my daughter's head, but then again that is one of the things that you just let go and roll with the laughs that a giant bow on a 7lb baby brings.

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  1. Love the bath pic and the bow :) Can that son of yours get any cuter??